Bronies and the Manosphere

Bronies are a contentious subject to most people, especially to those who are in the Manosphere. This is due in part to the very real inferiority many Bronies have as compared to alpha counterparts or opposites in the Manosphere. I was once a Brony years ago. I followed it religiously until about a year ago. I kept my thumb on many of the major news sites (Equestria daily, for example) and the sites that host the art (Deviant Art and FimFiction). I understand them because I lived among them. In another post, I will go into reasons for my Brony-hood before the Redpill and so on, but this isn’t my main push.

If you are unfamiliar with the movement, please read this first. It’s one of the more balanced, right-wing looks at the bronies.

Bronies are omega, gamma and delta males. Many of them have not been in a relationship and are not looking to be in one. This should be evidence enough of their inferiority. However, many of them also lack good looks, strong sense of personal hygiene and eschew style. This is as much because they do not care as they have never been taught. Here’s an article from the Return of Kings describing the more negative aspects.

I am going to speak from experience here, the article is extreme but accurate. However, Bronies are not even in the running for relationships, and those that are are usually picked up by 5s to 2s. I’ve seen 7s and 8s on occasion, but they are in it as much for their own love of the show, as they are for showing off their cosplay skills or for the attention of, well, eunuchs. They are eunuchs in the sense that, at some point in their lives, the majority of them were crippled for relationships. The article states:

““Bronies” are nothing more than a sign of the times: weak-ass betas desperate for a personal identity and female approval so they find a  outlet in “My Little Pony.” They are nothing more than a den of ankle-biting losers, but be aware they lurk in your midst. They are men who cock-block with impunity and men who sabotage other men with no remorse.”

Here’s my theory: Unattached Bronies have died of ‘hunger’ years ago. Sure, they could find a gal, bed down and start a nice, delta family, but that’s simply not in the cards. The effort they’d have to expend is immense, impossible to their mind. They’d need a very powerful and ancient gypsy woman or an old testament prophet to convince them that a proper, romantic or even casually sexual relationship could ever be. This is also part of the reason Japanese men have turned to virtual girlfriends rather than dealing with most of the tigresses that they will be forced to work with. It’s dangerous for them, and most have been burned before. Those that tried, anyway. The rest either succeeded or never tried. Besides that, America lives in a matriarchy. Do they even know of a better way to live?

The leaders, as I have discovered, are either low Alphas (high confidence, issues when out of comfort zone) or high gammas (all the baggage of gammas with high confidence). These few and charismatic, for bronies, anyway, are able to pull together thousands of fans towards single goals. Some of the best demonstrate leadership qualities, while others, like Commander Firebrand of FOB Equestria are in the military.

There is a hidden frequency of masculinity within the Brony movement. Yes, it isn’t the alpha male we seek as men of the west. But we seek what I would call an ancient glory contrasted by our modern culture. Bronies are still biologically men. They still have the drives that are in the DNA of every brother. We may live and die alone, but God made us of the same mold. The reason why I call it hidden, is that it has been disguised by the femininity of the show and their own untested weakness. They are an untapped resource of themselves. They are white knights, not because they intrinsically think that the girl will sleep with me, but because they know no other way. By white knighting, they seek the success of their twisted justice. Because a white knight gets a thrill that he’s living the chivalric dream from comfort and safety. The only dissenting voices are mockers, and they can be ignored. But can ‘redpilled’ Bronies be of use to the Manosphere?

One of the weaknesses of the manosphere is in visual art. We have excellent writers, I, for one, have just finished Vox Day’s A Throne of Bones and enjoyed it very much. Aaron Clarey writes well and Aurini has published a novel, among many others. But I don’t really see much visual art that is intrinsically part of the Manosphere. I’m a fan of a pin-up girl as anyone, but I’ve not seen one that has been made by the Manosphere. Redpill Room’s Ian Ironwood often posts pictures of pin-up girls. Where are our Coby Whitmores or Earl Morans? I haven’t seen them yet. But here’s a thought. What if our visual artists are in the Brony community? What if there’s a vast number of Bronies who have never even heard of the Redpill (as I hadn’t, at the time) but all they need is a taste to become a part of the Manosphere and begin producing Redpill art? What if they need a little nudge and the world opens for them and we gain another man to help us rule the new world. Another man to make this world a little better, whereas he would be nothing but another pony-porn artist.

I’m going to, on occasion, put up posts for the Bronies. Not in the sense of shaming them or whatever, but an invitation. Maybe their dedication to a girl show is unnatural compared to our past generations, but it hasn’t ruined them. Christianity dictates no one is unsaveable. But, the caveat is that they have to accept it. The Redpill, is, in a sense, a modern salvation from ourselves. It can help the Bronies, just like it helped me, and others like me.


2 thoughts on “Bronies and the Manosphere

    1. some of them surely are. But think of them more like unmanly Tarzans. King of their jungles, but unable to communicate well with what we consider civilized society. No one has taught them better, and at some point, Bronies depress, and become a part of the herd, because it doesn’t hurt as bad. They were mocked/ignored/whatever before they became Bronies, after all.

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