Why do men become Bronies?

Why do men become Bronies?

First, there are two types of Brony. The first are simple, beta men with daughters or other young kids. They are in it for the simple enjoyment, and their involvement in the culture is slim.  They are harmless in both their lives and other things. They might be otherwise red pill men who are in it for father-daughter bonding rather than the show itself. They may participate in the culture at large, but are not the movers and shakers within the culture.

The other type of brony is the beta male. We know the type. A thousand manosphere articles have been written about them. If it’s not Bronyism it’ll be something else. Various video game cultures are common choices, but also the dark hallways of the strange omega virgins discussed in this article or the players of card games, but without .

Before most men are Bronies, they are most certainly betas. Why? Red-pillers generally will have things already going for them. They will be involved with other fan groups, but they are rarely the ‘alpha male’ of the group. I use the term loosely. In card games, especially, the hierarchy is determined by winners and ‘leaders’. Their social circles are determined by their hobbies, as much as their school lives or what have you. They are surrounded by those who look down on them and by those who affirm their actions, even to harm.

So the first Bronies were those curious about the new show. Like it or not, a new My Little Pony series carries similar weight to a new Transformers series. There are those aficionados who enjoy new shows for their own sake. They spread the word that My Little Pony, Friendship is magic, is indeed enjoyable. And, for even the likes of me, it was. The first and second seasons had tight writing, strong characters, and that certain bouncy fun that is missing from ‘adult’ cartoons like Family Guy. But are there deeper things that drew people to them.

My little Pony is ‘safe’. Unlike Family Guy, which directly spits in the eye of Christianity, or South Park, which challenges sacred beliefs in general, My Little Pony doesn’t do anything of the sort. In fact, it encourages ‘happy’ behavior. Anyone can watch the entire series and never be challenged. Sure, there’s some personal growth to be found in their works, but not in the sense of pruning.  For a five year old girl, there might be some value, but not for an 18-25 year old disaffected male.

My Little Pony promotes in this demographic a singular philosophical concept: Personal Peace and Happiness. To my knowledge, this was coined by Francis Schaeffer’s How then Should we Live? It’s a work I would recommend to all, but especially those interested in philosophy. Because the Bronies instinctively knew that to improve themselves would be very hard indeed. Many of them are severely over-weight. They would require much effort to understand fashion, diet, social  graces accepted by most normal people. Too much effort. They are already accepted by their peers, why waste the time? They are being told by society that their body weight is beautiful, even if they really don’t believe it themselves. And when people call them out for being basement dwelling wastes of flesh with no prospects or benefit to society, they respond with: “But I’m happy.”

And indeed, some Bronies are decently well off. They have careers, families and jobs. A glorious few have abs. This only encourages those who do not have things going for them. They think:  “Because I am a Brony and he is a Brony and he is doing well, I am doing well.” They also do things such as write fanfictions, draw images or produce music. Those who produce music tend to be the most red pill of the lot, and produce good music. The other two groups are the most red pill. They are rabbits, gammas and sheep. I have found they are the most vocal in preserving the herd mentality of the Bronies. They provide non-show focal points for the Bronies. Because Fallout Equestria is highly considered, the author can use it’s story to present what the author wants. Most stories are to do with the author showing up in Equestria and having a romantic relationship with one of the main characters. I have read many human-pony relationships.

But why go so unnatural? I will admit that I do not understand it, but in the basic terms. I never went that deep. Even my own minor contributions to the culture never went there. I do have a theory. When people in a like minded society reinforce their beliefs with each other, those predispositioned to the beliefs can go more extreme. Because the only people disagreeing with them are either already disrespected authority figures or people who they accuse of bullying. This breeds no real contradiction to their beliefs, as well as encouragement from their own minds, they delve deeper.

Some day, I’ll talk about their victim complex. But for now, observe this. According to this study, bullying for Bronies is going down.


5 thoughts on “Why do men become Bronies?

  1. There will always be crazies… in any fandom/group/belief/political party regardless what it is there will be that dark side and very dark and then there the pit of death.

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