Redpill Anime: Psycho-Pass and the Feminized Future

Anime is an ignored subject in the manosphere. They’re cartoons, after all. Most men have better things to do. But spend time on vidya games might as well spend time on anime.

Surprisingly, anime has a strong grasp of many red pill concepts. Anime like Seitokai no Ichizon or Kanon, which feature men and their harems. The anime has such concepts as agree and amplify and Machiavellian tendencies. Others are so blue pill that it’s sickening, examples include recently finished Outbreak Company and famous but over rated Guilty Crown. Then there’s the fun stuff like Kill la Kill (which deserves an article, or three) or My Bride is a Mermaid, which straddles a strange, unique line. From supporting monarchy to a boy growing to a man, a numerous number of anime falls on the entire spectrum of blue to red pills. An anime worth talking about, is Psycho-Pass. I talk about it in another blog here.

The anime is solid in and unto itself. I’m rewatching it in English, which was recently released dubbed. When I wrote that article, I was not red pill. With the red pill knowledge I have now, I am enjoying it even more.

The world of Psycho Pass is feminized. Women are seen the most as civvies. Group shaming is the rule, through the net or in person. Men still do the hard jobs. They actually act like women some times, with group shaming in a feminine way as well as being unable to self-actualize. I note that most men, except for some really crazy bitches, are depicted as the criminals. Why? Most men, almost always betas or unnatural in some way, cannot function in a true feminized society. One character, the oldest enforcer, is considered a criminal by Sybil for understanding the criminal mind. The main character is given potential, but is still a woman, and even gets in the way. Her kindness as a woman gets in the way of men doing distasteful jobs. She is only right about half the time. The other half has deep, deep consequences.

Sybil is a massive computer. I could speak more, but damn, the spoilers. It looks at the psychological health of the individual. If the individual is experience distress, or other markers that indicate a criminal mind or mental illness, they institutionalize them. After a while they are released, drugged up or brain washed, or they are put into prison or other fields as a latent criminal. A list of people who are imprisoned: A male obsessed tattoo artist, a lesbian anti-government guitarist, a male book lover. Then there are the enforcers, latent criminals who are deemed useful and act like attack dogs. Their members include: The aforementioned male cop who can think like a criminal, a guy who was picked up when he was FIVE, a guy who lost his partner, the afore-mentioned lesbian guitarist, a female bisexual computer engineer, with implications that there are hundreds more with other teams. The Inspector Ginoza’s father was a latent criminal, and that is hung over his head, despite his intense loyalty to the state.

Women are the only ones in that society who are truly protected. When one is killed, or taken hostage, it’s considered more serious than, say a simple murderer. Indeed, most men are placed in positions of criminal power over women several times through out the story. Why? The men are unfulfilled. It is only though the system can they be successful, and the system is all but explicitly designed with women in mind. They are suppressed from their natural male instinct to excel at something. In some cases, such as the cop who can think like a criminal or the tattoo artist, they are punished for being the best they can be.

Now lets talk about the villain. Mikishima works because he has no criminal intent. He is a full psychopath, no emotion, no negative feelings. The rest of the main villains are simple monsters, given leashes to their neurosis. They would be betas otherwise, but he grants them gifts, like a king giving fiefs to those who give homage. Whatever their desire, he gives them the power to realize it. You want to kill the men bullying you? no problem. You want to hunt the most dangerous game? There’s an app for that, and he’s giving them out. His inability to feel shame or other negative emotions means that he is invisible to Sybil, the model citizen. He understands that society is broken. He never makes it explicit, but he does the most to help other men. Exceptional women, as well.  He helps them reach what they may consider their full potential, no matter the cost to others. Because these people have very little constructive potential, they devolve to murder and the destruction of human life.

The first person they put down as too dangerous to society is a drugged up and frustrated man. He was flagged as having an unhealthy psychological profile (a ‘cloudy’ psycho-pass). He freaked out because he was having issues controlling his sexual desire. He had been using holochambers (I’m assuming prostitutes are illegal), but they had begun to fail to manage his lusts. He instinctively knew that the holochambers were fake. It’s the next level of pornography. But this one is worse, looking does little for the soul, but creating a fantasy, then acting it out in a hard light simulation means you actually go through the motions. It looks and feels like flesh, intellectually, there is a difference, but not in any other capacity. It is like eating cheetos. Satisfying, but really, it’s not food. The hunger is still there. So when he’s backed into a corner with nothing to lose, he grabs a hot chick and begins to rape her. He explicitly states he chose her because he would never get a beautiful woman normally, so fuck it.

The society is literally on the edge. Once rules break down, once the stick breaks down, society breaks down. During a riot scene, it’s mostly men. They are the most suppressed. They fed on the same trough as women and were expected to grow the same. No, it’s the same deal as feeding a dog with cow food. The dog suffers, but lives. So Sybil runs stop gap measures to preserve society, targeting non-social men. It turns out that Sybil will even turn a blind eye to the crazy stuff they use to keep themselves sane. It’s fine when it’s private, but like the tattooed man, public demonstrations are put down. But eventually, they snap, and Sybil has to clean them up.

The anime is well worth watching. The truths found within and the world presented is second to none. For the sci-fi lover: Psycho-pass.


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