Danger of Gammas

Gammas are dangerous creatures. To those who don’t know, a Gamma is a subset of Beta. The normal beta, to use Vox Day’s rankings, beta to delta, are dependent on how they feel about you, or, more commonly, how act towards them in their interactions with you. They don’t want waves, they won’t get that promotion if they make poor waves. They won’t get the number of that cute barista if they’ve been making the wrong type of waves. They may play games, but their games are goal oriented. Order over chaos. They don’t want drama.

But the lower levels… the gammas and omegas, if they participate at all, create negative waves. Most people would refer to this as drama, and they would be right. They thrive on drama, and desire to create it. As I have mentioned once or twice before, I am the leader of the local Cardfight Vanguard group. There are several betas and the like, a couple fledgling naturals, but they are young. Others are gammas, and lower. Is this bad? Only if you consider being alpha an end all. I consider it only for myself, because I believe myself capable. But there are problems.

As a leader, as their alpha, I am a target. Most respect me. I have given them much, and traded in their favor many times, and vice versa. My ultimate goal is to create a solid society with leadership that can keep them together and drama free in the future. They know I am their ally. So in a way, I have secured myself from direct attacks. But their interactions with each other are a different measure. Many are calm minded individuals, they desire no drama. But there are a couple who ‘collect drama’. One is simply irascible and just needs to slow down a little. He is touchy about his intelligence, but rarely starts anything, but lets himself be drawn in. He thinks people start things with him though. We’ll call him Carlos, as the spanish name suits his pride and temper.

The other is another matter. He is a danger because he is argumentative, stupid and thinks himself on the side of good. We’ll call him Keeter. It should be noted he is very fat. I’ve spent time trying to keep him and others from fighting. I no longer do this. But here’s the story I wish to tell.

There is a third player, Sawney. He and I argue on occasion. I bear him no ill will, but he takes offense. I might offhandedly say something, and apparently it contradicted him or angered him. He perceives it as an attack. I’ve argued with him many times over these matters. I’ve done things according to my rules, and he hasn’t liked it. Finally, he got into an argument with Carlos. I don’t care about  the details, but Carlos took the intellectual high ground and mocked him. He couldn’t take it any more and left.

On previous occasions, I had been able to manage his anger and ensure he pays his debts. This has preserved a little of his ‘honor’. It also helped his reputation. Now he ‘disappeared’ Friday night. I had spent the night at the bar I frequent. (Dinner: Pym’s Cup #1, Meat pie, Gibson, Bread pudding. Classy joint, Casablanca on the television) I received a message from Keeter asking to talk. I knew there would be trouble, so I decided to ignore it. Which was a misplay, I should have told him to wait until tomorrow, which was the day of a series of important tournaments.

Knowing I put trust into Carlos, he contacted him next. Carlos, despite his anger, is highly intelligent, and a good teacher for newbies besides. He’s a decent second choice, were it not for the history between Carlos and Sawney. Sawney had been put into trust of over five hundred dollars of both cards and money. Carlos and Keeter teamed up on him over this. This is where the drama hunger plays out. Carlos would have been content in intellectual superiority, it’s where he couches his pride. But with the inflaming and accusatory words of Keeter, he sought moral superiority as well.

Sawney is not smart, he is a common man. He became angry. Carlos told him that if he would not return the money and the cards, he would contact the authorities. Sawney cut off most communication. When I was told this story the next morning, I didn’t panic, and did several things.

1. Thinking of the impoverished conditions of several of the cardfighters, I promised to help those who lost much with very favorable terms for cards they needed.

2. I told them that this is bad, but still a game. It isn’t worth getting angry, considering #1. Besides that, if he thinks that people are forming a mob, nothing will get done.

3. I lastly told them that Keeter is not to be trusted. Sawney can be angry. Give it time to figure his intentions out. He’s paid his debts before.

4. I took Carlos aside and told him he did wrong, for reasons I’ve talked about several times so far. To my surprise, he respected my opinion and accepted guilt for what he had done. I have since spoken of it once.

5. Sent a single text to Sawney, offering to talk to him. I didn’t think he’d take it, but it was Proper I did so.

Thus, the mob was quieted and various players were appeased.

Then, the best outcome happened. Sawney started giving out what was under his care. For those he could not deliver product to, he returned the money. The drama was unnecessary, as it was his intention to do this from the beginning. His anger had gotten a hold of him, which was why he cut off communication. He viewed me as an ally of Carlos, and so refused to talk to me. I find it understandable.

But here’s the statement Keeter later made about the subject, on a post where Sawney publicly apologized and humbled himself. I kept myself out of it. But lets look at the mindset of such a gamma:

I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions about you. It was wrong and I should.have believed in the good in you instead of assuming the absolute worst. I’m glad we were able to talk things out and you handled things very maturely and professionally, even when it seemed like we all were against you. Sure you are a member of the community, but you’re my best friend first and formost. Please forgive me for not giving you the chance to explain yourself. I treated you very unfriend-like and it was wrong of me.

It should be noted that no one liked his post, but they liked Sawney’s. He takes responsibility and pegs himself as an inferior. His first reaction was not: “What’s wrong with my friend?” It was: “My friend has done something bad! Lets pounce on him!” It’s slavish in it’s acceptance of responsibility for the drama. He’s claiming it. But considering there is only one or two regular females, it’s lost on the male population. The next post to Sawney: “We’re cool man.” From someone who was stated to lose nearly 100 dollars. The differences are astounding. Rather than be inferior and claiming drama, it’s a calm acceptance of Sawney’s apology, with an implied move on that means the end of this.

The drama is over and done. But, there’s a history here. People have stolen and scammed each other in the past. Under my rule, it’s gone down to rare events like this. A true Alpha leader and king acts as ‘Anti-drama’ keeping people in line, and rectifying what needs rectifying. In this way, there is peace, and business is done.

A warning to those who lead. Gammas and some omegas crave drama such as this. While in their minds this is damn important, it may be nothing. It may be that it’s is important. But their actions are warped according to their preconceived notions. It’s impossible for them to act objectively. They’ll turn on friends like Keeter, or make the situation worse, like Carlos. It fills a need for them. It doesn’t matter what the group needs, they need to act.

I was fortunate. In the corporate world, this could lead to a sexual harassment lawsuit, somebody losing their job or police showing up. Gammas need to be reined in. They can feed on the natural drama in people’s lives, but at the same time, they shouldn’t be given the power to make it worse.

It was the moment I took control of the situation, and used my wealth of cards to help people, that I felt like a king. They calmed down, and nothing happened that would have caused regret. In the weeks after, the trades became more favorable to me, and I have actually gained more cards and money than I thought I would have received at the beginning. As a result, I am enriched, and they have powerful cards they would not have otherwise.

I understand that God had a hand in this through me, and so helped me stay calm, but more so He brought me to a maturity that understood what needed to be done. The benefit of maturity, and especially the red pill, is objectivity in these situations.

Back to the story: did I have to do all that? Yes, because I had responsibilities as a king, as their leader and as an honorable man. That’s it’s own post, though: The Responsibilities of Kings.


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