Driving for Execeptionalism

It’s hard being a Beta and learning the Red Pill. It means that mediocrity isn’t good enough. I think that’s half the reason (Brainwashing being the other) people don’t take it. They don’t want to know that their not-best is good enough. It’s a struggle everyone must someday come to terms with. I want to write but I don’t want to put in the hours necessary. I want to lift 200 but I don’t exercise. I want a girl but I don’t learn how to interact.

The Manosphere is a strange place. There have been places like it before hand, but never in the modern era. It’s a fascinating discussion of politics, philosophies and sex. A sort of dance, but everyone’s tangoing with everyone else in a large jumble. I could watch it forever. But here’s the key to the Manosphere. You and it only truly grow when you enter the dance. Chaos and Pain discusses weight lifting and music. Vox Day broods on Western Civilization. Chateau Heartiste concerns himself with carnal pleasures. Each has strengths and weaknesses.

And you, the green horn individual, must decide what you are. What are you going to pursue? I can only answer for myself. I desire to write like the pulp masters of old with the flavors of the new greats. I want to be a fine specimen of a man who keeps his health. I don’t care about casual sex or hooking up at the club, because I want to have a monogamous, sex filled relationship.

I can pursue these things in their way. I can write more and so get better at writing. I can exercise, diet and read great works for men. As for the relationship, I can learn game, which is as applicable to long term relationships as it is for casual sex.

Now I work for it. I exercise, I read and write, and I learn game.

Many men in the manosphere, I fear, do not have many true ambitions of their own. I wanted to learn game so I went to Roosh and Chateau Heartiste. I searched for deeper meaning in society and discovered Vox Day, Aurini and the Free Northerner. From reading the comments and the Red Pill Reddit, I fear that many men have exchanged the shackles for one ideology for another.

The Red Pill can be a good thing. But it’s not about being a good thing. It’s about freeing men from Feminism and turning them Masculine in fullness. It’s about finding strength native to yourself. It’s sort of like a religion, really.

I’ve discovered, though, there is a further truth. The ultimate form of the Red Pill is being exceptional for what you want to do. Here’s a true statement: I want to be the best writer of science fiction. I have to write science fiction. I may never be considered the best, but I can certainly be a contender.

That’s a terrible truth. I may never make it. But that’s bothered me less and less recently. I’ve meditated on it. I’m freeing myself of the need to be the best, so when I fail, I can get back up again. The mental game is more intense than anything else.

I will be exceptional, but if I fail, I will not fall.

That, I think, should be the anthem of the Red Pill. Whatever you do, when you understand life and women and what you need to do, repeat this to yourself. When I finish the novella (half done) I’m writing, and send it into Castalia House, I’m probably going to be refused. And that’s fine. But damn, I’m going to but my best effort into it. I’ll try again with something else. And again. And again. Each better than the last.

Don’t believe it when people, especially women, say the Red Pill is nothing but sex. They are wrong. Here’s the wisdom I gleaned: Whatever you do, put your all into it. It’s the Masculine way.



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