Music and the Millennials

So I was listening to the radio while picking up my brother and two songs came on. First, was Pharrell William’s Happy and the song Replay by Zendaya. I had this thought.

This is all brainwashing. I don’t want to think that it’s purposeful, but I think songs like these make it easier for the Millennials to stay silent en masse. Happy is a chipper song and was released with Despicable Me 2, if I recall correctly. Replay is a obvious subliminal message to listen to the song and thus Zendaya. It’s not really pleasant. But the message is simple: Keep doing it.

Keep listening to the music. Things aren’t great, but they’re fine. Just fine. Don’t rebel against the system. Don’t think hard thoughts. Don’t question reality. Don’t question club culture. Don’t neglect the culture. It’s all alright.

But it ain’t alright.

The culture rots. I’m reminded of Rome. The days of Cicero were marked by the desire to make Rome great and powerful. They wanted the honor and power of the old days and knew they would come only if they were virtuous and true. They knew it could only get better after these dark times. The days of the decline, as the Germans began their inferior mockery of the Roman ways were marked by the poetry praising rotted Rome.

I can’t help but feel this is similar. When things can only get worse, they praise America. Then again, they are the patricians of our society. I bet it looks pretty good from the top.

I like to think the Millennials are waking up and the people who speak up are the vanguard.

But how about some music that isn’t a bunch of shill to keep with the fallen society, eh? Jekyll and Hyde by Theoretics  If you want to skip the music video plot, the music begins around 1:25. Have a good weekend.


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