Redpill and Literature: Perdido Street Station

Recently, I finished Perdido Street Station by China Mielville. I greatly enjoy his work. It’s part of the ‘New Weird’. They’re mainly leftists and communists, but I greatly enjoy the aesthetic. I look forward to the other two parts of the Bas-Lag cycle, which will come my way in the right time.

The problem with the New Weird is that it’s often a springboard to their own political ideologies. But the creativity is a drug. The real skill of China Mielville is the world around us. We see the world, and smell it, and we are a part of it. Various characters have very real motivations, and no character, I feel, acts outside the character that China creates.

What makes this redpill? Well… nothing. All it is a great story without being out right blue pill. There are very few leftist philosophies being shoved down your throat. China purposefully messes with the ‘strong independent woman’ stereotypes in the character of Derkhan, a butch lesbian who is useful exactly once in the fights. He dances around with description, characters and deeper meanings. He casts from literature and pop culture, something I admire.

The description and Lovecraftian call-backs fill me with joy. The Slake Moths are terrifying. My breath was caught at the description of Mr. Motley, the gang lord. The names he uses are perfect. I am an American and I write like an American, and so my names follow American standards for now. But he has a minor villain named VERMISHANK. VERMISHANK. It’s perfect! The climax is balanced like a dervish in the middle of his wild and trancelike dance. The science portrayed makes a lot of sense and I really liked the Weaver. The description of the extra-dimensional spider vs. the Construct Council was fantastic. I loved the Weaver’s sense of art. Things for beauty’s sake can be beautiful indeed, and acting as such. I wish to write as such.

Vox Day and China Mielville are different sorts of writers who I have also read very recently. Vox Day is the intelligent man. He casts his writing from history and greater Christian philosophies and his own self-assuredness. Reading his works is like eating Shepherd’s Pie: Delicious, filling, solid. China is different. He’s like watching a dance from a culture that preserved the meanings of their dances. High energy, many kicks and flips make up his excellent gymnastics. Where as Vox Day strikes me closer to, say, (and I am not comparing in quality, just style) Tolkien, China is close to Mervin Peake, who wrote the Gormenghast trilogy. To me, it is like China is Mervin Peake’s descendent in style. I will not lie, I would like to write like him, over many others, even Vox Day.

I recommend Perdido Street station to anyone who appreciates high creativity. Was it written by a red pill man? No. But screw that. Literature, art and many other things can be defined by the quality of the work itself. Perdido Street Station’s quality is very high. Enjoy it and be enriched.


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