Beta breeds Brony

Where do Beta’s come from? Other Betas.

Bronies didn’t come from out of nowhere and most would not have been Bronies without, somehow, them believing that watching My Little Pony is somehow socially acceptable. In other words, other Betas told them it was good. They set the social level at a low level that was meetable by those who didn’t have high standards to begin with. They appreciated the show, and so spread it further. So it spread like a virus (The metaphor for today is: Disease).

In other words, a sick man with a virulent disease walks into a room full of guys and sneezes. Some people in the room will get sneezed on and nothing will happen, bad or good. Some will get sick because they never developed an immune system that could deal with a disease like that. Some recover… others sicken and die, taken over by what they have obsessed.

In other words, like a child contracting polio, they weren’t properly vaccinated. They were taken by their mothers or ineffectual fathers not to the professional doctor who has solid vaccines proven to work well, but to Doctor Crazy Ivan. They think he’s a doctor because the education in Siberia is apparently better than our medical schools because it’s not American. We’re not sure, but we think he just collects his spit into syringes. Or rather, the single syringe he uses all the time. They get… immunized. But it’s not a healthy immunization, and they will suffer once they come into contact with a disease (or combination of diseases…) they are susceptible to. The mothers think they’re doing a good thing, but the child suffers. Sometimes these things correct themselves in the future, but not always.

Not that people who did get immunized properly won’t fall to a disease or two. After all, one could say that Pick up Artists, or as I think of them, low Alphas, put pussy on a pedestal, using it to validate their existence and for sexual pleasure. Sometimes I worry that Roosh and his ilk are heading to a group existential crisis that will either break them or set the trend for the next gen PUA/the next iteration of the manosphere. But they’ll be okay. A guy like Roosh may languish a bit, but then he’ll bounce back and he’ll come up with something cool. It may make a guy like him stronger than ever.

What sort of diseases are around? White knighting. I honestly don’t think a white knight expects sex from his ‘princesses’. He’s just idolizing. He knows and understands that he’ll never touch the flesh he desires. Bronies know that to the greater society, they are not acceptable. They misblame their fandom, when they should delve inward. The world would accept them better if they springboarded to self-improvement (which is a theme of the show they ignore…) and become good examples of humanity. Sexual deviancy. What they don’t get corrupts them because they want it. Atheists must know they can’t beat Christians, in the end. But Christians don’t go out of their way to attack Atheists, and most atheists are Beta (Christian betas are a part of the system, and in a good culture, a Christian Beta is not as bad a thing. I’ll write about this at a later date. it’s complex) and, in many cases, also a Brony, white knight and a gamut of other things. An Atheist can only validate themselves via their attack on Christianity (THEY ARE THE PREY! WE ARE THE HUNTERS!) because the muslims can and will kill them, Jews slither out of their ‘logic’ and everyone else either deflects or, somehow, agrees with them.

The Red Pill helps, but it’s a supplement. At the end of the day, they have to make a choice. I fully believe the Red Pill and My Little Pony are compatible, but that the other Beta aspects of the Bronies come in and drag what could be down. They don’t understand the import of what they do or what they need. They choose personal peace and happiness. Validation at all costs.

And so Beta-ness spreads, and becomes a dangerous infection, rather than, say, a mild cold. Alphas do the same thing, but it’s different, and usually acts to correct other things, provided they don’t fall to things like, say, putting pussy on a pedestal or Pride. But it’s better. As a guy who’s seeking his kingship over himself and his life, I am better under the Red Pill than I was as a Brony, white knight or as an Angry Christian(tm).

A king seeks truth!


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