Aurini and Nihilism: A reaction

Aurini’s latest post, found here, describes that western civilization is likely dead, thanks to leftism, and our culture of institutions no longer truly exists as they once did. Part of the reason for that, is nihilism and leftist decay of the culture over the years.

Well, what now? We kinda already knew that. The real thing I want to know is what to do, as I cannot enjoy the decline. I do my damnedest to not care too much. I know it’s all fucked. I have no idea what move to make next.

I’m a burnt out churchian. I played the game that my father played (but better… or worse? I used to know) and it did not reward me. I still worship, in my own pitiable way, and I still focus on the ultimate truth. I revolve myself around it. Most of this, thankfully, is just the froo sounds that accompany the bass beat of the electronic music that represents reality.

I’m not agnostic. Aurini said he was agnostic or atheist (I can’t remember which) but of the true faith. However, I only concern myself that he knows the truth. Which I assume he does, as he has read the Bible. It might be some later day he falls to the Cross. One might say it is inevitable. Even in my own decayed state, I do not pretend not to have faith to fight faith.

I cannot be apathetic about my faith as I cannot be apathetic about that which is around me. My heart tells me to be a barbarian, but I know that that is no answer. Perhaps I am to unlearned to know. But that’s part of my journey, the transference from knowledge to wisdom, from capability to skill.

So my probably unread question to Aurini, as a student to a teacher, is a better explanation of ‘Enjoy the Decline’ for the man who still believe in civilization. I don’t mean the well-known book, I mean in the deeper thoughts. I can do whatever. I’m not going to invest much into culture. I’ve got my writings and when I pay off my debt, I’ll be free. How can I care and not keep the system running? I don’t want my sons becoming barbarians.

Maybe I want some final word to break my faith in society. It’s enough to say society sucks, but the life of Roosh and the other nomads is no life for a hero. Or maybe I don’t. Aurini’s words are heady, but he isn’t no prophet. He’s just another bohemian sitting in a cafe, smoking and preaching to the  nomads about the thoughts he’s plundered from civilization. It’s cool, but once you realize he’s just like all the rest, just a bit smarter, it loses the awesome of the black clothes, cigarettes and nods to references I know. That intense, charismatic gaze that captivates as more high-minded words flow out. Good for your generation, perhaps. You’ve given up. Not for mine it’s too early to give up for us.

I think that Roosh, Aurini and others suffer from a different kind of nihilism. One of the nihilism of culture. Roosh and the PUAs seek sex to fill that gap. Aurini and his ilk seek reason. Unlike Nietzsche who said God is dead and man (tried to) kill him, they say that Culture is dead, and liberalism (or whatever you want) killed it. And you’re doing nothing but talk about it. Sexing girls ain’t shit in the long term. Talking like this ain’t fighting. It’s barroom jokes about Hitler’s terrible haircut in Nazi Germany. We can’t physically fight the elites and stay on the side of civilization, sure.

BUT THEY”RE OLD! Every true elite  is ancient as the day is long, all we have to do is WAIT. That’s how we win this game. Rockefeller, Rothschild and every other one I have seen and recognize as an elite, is old. They will die, and their family’s will decline, because they already are at the top.  I will teach my sons what I have been taught and what I will learn. They will teach their sons. The elites will brainwash, and in that is rebellion. I laugh and cry as I write, all I have to do is wait.

A second question: If thought crime arises, will you fight or flee? They can’t let a man like him live, or can they? Are your thoughts just thoughts or are they actions? Will you submit and Aurini will die so you will live as a broken demagogue?

I’d rather die that not be me. I’d rather die than experience the empty sexual lives of Roosh and others. I don’t want to sit and talk about the decline. I don’t want to enjoy the decline! I want to fight it! I just don’t know what to do. I can write, but damn, am I suppose to write pamphlets and pass them out at public places like religious tracts?

Let me prophesize in my way.

The next 400 years, should the Lord not come back, will be centuries of thought. Rather than the barbarous imitation that marks the generations leading to Charlemagne, there will be deep thinking. We will shake things out and everything will become non-sacred and sacred. Christianity will return because normal people must have a thing to hope on. (Hoping on science is so fucking empty.) Islam will be broken, because the end result of that thought will not be peace, but war. They will drive us to it. An understanding that identity is tied to the nation you are a true part of. America may rise, fall or what have you, (my money on civil war) but like Rome, it will be the source of thoughts that will be expanded and improved for the next 1.2k years of what should be space exploration. And then the cycle shall repeat, but it shall be the grand EMPIRE OF MAN. Because that is the logical extension of a civilization born of the thoughts of man. Maybe we will be lucky enough to see the moon and mars colonized in our dotage.

Maybe I still hope, even in the despair around us all.

We still live in Rome for now. Bronies, the celebration of weak men, are the true sign of this, over feminism and everything else. The only thing I wonder is if there will be barbarian hordes, or like the previous megacycle before the 4 great empires (Nebuchadnezzar’s dream reference), there are simply nation states, each having their own thoughts and laws and everything else. Worshiping their own gods. Until one starts winning.

Western Civilization will return, but new.

Aurini, at the end of the day, you know truth, but can’t accept the final step that you need to take. That weakens your truth. There is something you’re missing, something in the complicated dances western civilization is participating in. I know I’m missing stuff, as I have only studied the previous dancing styles as I begin my own.

My last question, is a request for a reaction to this statement:

All there is is GOD created. This isn’t just the decline of civilization, it’s a satanic attack on the Christian civilization to destroy the higher thought and plunge our world into a religious dark age and crush the true Christians and keep them from doing good, and drag those who do not believe to hell. Oh imperfect man.


7 thoughts on “Aurini and Nihilism: A reaction

  1. You’re asking the exact same questions I’ve been asking myself; have you seen Jack Donovan’s lecture, “The New Barbarians”? It’s on youtube, if you haven’t. I find the idea just as disheartening as you do – I want to see the new Paladins, not the new Barbarians – but it’s far too easy for a Dark Knight to slide into becoming a White Knight. That’s why I titled the post “Razor’s Edge”.

    I’ll be writing on this more.

    1. No, I haven’t, I’ll put it on the ‘sunday watch list’. I look forward to your articles.

      Thank you for reading. Perhaps the next great dialogue of the manosphere will be ‘We cannot despair, and can no longer run. What, then, shall we do?”

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