Mob mentality and intellectuals

I’ve been dwelling on the stuff that was talked about on the weekend, and I’m going to talk about it again later. It was pretty cool. But I want to talk about something else right now. Still processing some of it.

Last friday, I had the misfortune of observing mob mentality in action. A trio of Christians who feel it necessary to call out civilization for it’s lies and sluttery because they are ‘so holy’. Mean time, a bunch of liberal homosexual so and sos came up to mock them. I set to watch. I participated a little, it was funny to watch both groups get utterly confused at the concept of holiness over love when it comes to God. But it was a waste of my time. The Christians tried reason when they should have gone for the Bible and the mob tried shame when they should have ignored them.

They were all stupid, stupid people. Whatever their accolades, degrees and so on, it all went out of the door as soon as they joined the mob. They became the embodiment of whatever the heck their deal was. There was the ‘I don’t need a closet, even for clothes’ homosexual. There was the slut. There was the atheist. BEHOLD ACADEMIA. I kinda know what Franco of Soul is not a Smithy goes through.

It has left a strange mark on me, and makes me realize that most people do not have an interest in truth. Post modernism good or bad, but I think post modernism’s ultimate goal is to find the truth for each person. It arises because of modernism’s break down. It causes chaos in the young and art first, because they are the most sensitive to it. Then it’ll hit the women, and lastly the men.

Superstition is about us not knowing the truth and making the best guesses we can according to unmeasurable things. Modernism is the search for truth, on the assumption that there are truths. Post Modernism says that those that came before are wrong, and that truth is personal.

I talked to a fellow Millennial, and like me, he shared my disgust of the mob. What’s more is that he shared my own questioning of purpose. We were able to discuss things. But I can’t say any more about him, positively. He was a beta guy whose object of affection was part of the mob. He was no fighter, for truth or some greater purpose outside himself. Was he part of a mob? Or just a quiet man? The cure for the mob is individualism, but could that man ever join a mob about something that means something?

Liberalism promotes the mob. Conservatism promotes the individual. The problem is that liberals form mobs of self-promoting idiots, while conservatives cannot do so. They may have the greater intelligence, but I don’t think Aurini, me, Reality doug, vox day etc.  can form a mob.  Individualism is great for dealing with individuals and even smaller mobs. But in a society that prefers the mob, that’s not so great.

I kinda see limp-wrist liberal riots in the British style. The problem is that, in America, when they actually try something, they’ll be scared of the guns of the white conservatives. Then they’ll try to ban the guns and fail. Maybe they’ll succeed, and we’ll see a jump in crime because only the criminal will have a gun. It’s not really important.

I’m not saying anything new. The post-modern society won’t last too long, but I wonder what the next choice will be. We can’t return to superstitious society. Maybe we’ll vacillate between modern and post-modern. But that leads to long periods of stagnation in the intermission gaps between the two. Kinda like the one we’re in right now.


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