Cheating and Cardfight Vanguard

This is a hobby post.

My hobby, when not writing, typing up papers doing research or crushing my enemies and hearing the lamentations of the women, I play the card game Cardfight vanguard. I’m one of the better cardfighters in my territory, and a leader in the community besides. Recently, the world champion, Almeida Stewart was accused of cheating. That’s very disturbing for the fact that he’s the effin world champion, as well as for the fact of how he cheated. He stacked the opponent’s deck. How? I dunno yet. I hope to discover how so as to prevent it happening to myself.

I’ve got a philosophy about cheating. Namely, if you have to cheat to win, I’m better than you. And I will beat you. It’s not an empty boast, I have done it in the past and in the future. It’s this mind-set that sets me apart from many. This Almeida Stewart is dishonorable. No virtue to be found in him. He found a way to stack the opponent’s deck. Hell, he’s been quoted as saying: If you cheat, cheat good.

I consider Cardfight Vanguard to be the king of all cardgames for the combination of skill and luck. I don’t care what one does with their own deck.  Reason being: The more one messes with their deck outside of various, already calculated and set by a certain amount of variables. To mess up these puts yourself into more risk than myself, who runs a tried and true deck. I don’t mind. I’ve fought people who literally knew what cards they would get over the game. I still won, though, because I was the better player, and because my deck was much better working than theirs. Messing with your opponent’s deck can be crippling. To receive an unhealthy balance of any sort of card can ruin the game.

Almeida, according to the accusations, which are being taken very seriously… too seriously for “UGH YOU must have been cheating.” sort of thing. I don’t know if he’s guilty or not. There’s only been one other cheater at the championship level so far, but at the locals, it’s certainly a threat. Besides that, there are corrupt shops and charlatans of every sort.

Kind of like life. It doesn’t matter what your opponent does, but how your own deck is stacked.


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