So Star Wars…

So the cast for the new Star Wars movie came out, it’s got Andy Serkis and the villain from Minority Report, as well as a few others like Ron from the Harry Potter series, who is quite good in such movies as Dredd, playing a terrified techie for the gang leader Mama. I’m actually quite pleased, there’s that good mix of new and old talent that could either make or break the series and their careers.

J.J. Abrams isn’t so inspired a choice, as he gets the main themes of any particular universe, but eventually devolves into something that just looks like it, and wanks into the audience’s faces with IT’S KHAHAANNAHNANNANNNNN… yeah…

But here’s what’s getting me. People are complaining that there aren’t enough women. Sure, there’s Carrie Fisher and that one chick (and one more to come) but it’s not enough. What? Do they want Jews (bothans) or Muslims (Yuuzan Vong) added as well? (as a friend commented) Maybe female imperials (Admiral Daala, for all the good it did her. She’s terrible.).  HOMOSEXUALS (Mandalorians, in what Karen Travis thinks are Spartan conditions) ?

I’m not a man who harps on women. Bitches be bitches, eh? I do know some things thought, like I don’t like female written Sci-fi. But this sort of thing is annoying, when the series bent over backward, allowed women to write or be characters in strange places, they are ruined. Daala was good as a villain, became not a villain, villain again, essentially the emperor, Not a villain, then PRESIDENT OF THE NEW REPUBLIC. Then she tried to wipe out the jedi in true imperial fashion. You know, like a hobby. Keep in mind, she’s more or less killed a million people or two. Karen Travis wrote shit, nine books of it, who people bought because it had the star wars logo. Bleeding hells. Don’t read women written science fiction unless it’s the best damn story written by a woman. I think Vox Day talks about it.

It’s frustrating. I’ve only read a few ‘new’ Star Wars expanded Universe works, mostly by Timothy Zahn and those are still good. He’s been like a prophet, reminding the fans why they like star wars. Real political intrigue. Characters who have real motivations, and don’t abandon who they are for a certain statement. In the Hand of Thrawn Duology he took the piss out of his peers by stating that too much use of the force in such massive quantities leads to the dark side. In Allegiance, he mocks the standard ‘Defectors from Decadence’ trope and states that rebels were mostly killed, and it’s a bloody business on both sides.

And most of the Gawker writers haven’t even read the shit. They just wookiepedia it up, maybe just reading the synopsis.

The movies and the shows and everything else are their own things. I’m hopeful, but in the abusive sense. I’m hoping that, today, JJ or George or whoever isn’t coming home drunk. In the mean time, I’m reading Timothy Zahn and dreaming of a Thrawn Trilogy movie.


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