Creating a New Nobility

This is pretty awesome. Maybe it’ll come to nothing. Maybe it’ll be awesome. I’m looking for new things, new institutions. I don’t want to join a cult, but others I respect be showing up and, well, I don’t know where to go next. If you grok that nobility stuff, take a gander.

I’ve finished my last final, and, well, beyond working to pay off my debt, I don’t know what to do. I’m going start some side hustles and finish the novella. But otherwise… I’m the sort of guy who has the long haul in mind, but all I got is the eventual heaven. I’m reading John C. Wright’s Transhuman and subhuman. It’s pretty interesting. I’ll talk about it later. Deserves a review.

Maybe I’m just in a lurch. I’ve finished school and returning to home. I’ll take a year to pay off as much of my debt and get my own place (apartment). Find something to do that’s the Millennial King.

I’ve left Springfield, likely for good. I’ve put the best, cardfighter to replace me in the council, and I hope he does well. So many damn depressives or broken home kids or weak fools. I just hope they can improve what I’ve done. I’m moving to a place where I am not the strongest. And that bothers me. Not to a strong extent, but enough to make myself keenly aware of the loci of power. Some kind of conflict is brewing between the power trio that tops most often, and I’ll weather it, I’m one of the best and richest (in cards) and I’m allied to two of the powers (they are allied too). I’m not a politically complex man. I fight for I, and I’ll protect those under me. Don’t know what else I’ll do though. Make alliances, do the best I can… so on, so forth.

I think that’s the real test of ‘alphaness’. Moving from a position of strength to weakness. Moving from top dog to medium fish in a small pond. How does one react? One could say I shouldn’t care, but not caring means that I shouldn’t care about getting better. I know how I’ll walk in though, tomorrow. Ramrod back, strong tread, steely gaze. I’m playing my legendary Megacolony deck, and I’ll lose at the end, more than likely, but I’m going to give it my all. Because that’s alpha.

This post:

sums up my thoughts on the subject. I created a community from the wreckage of an evil man, I’ve done all I could humanly do to protect it. Now, comes the time to test. And do it again. Maybe this new community that guy at the top talking about will happen, maybe not. I care because this sort of thing needs to get started. Or maybe it’s a bit early. Maybe it’s too late. Does it matter? No. It’s starting.

the next couple posts will be about my hobby, more than likely. New stuffs come out that I need to grok properly. But I’ll intersperse with stuff of more interest to the higher minded man.


2 thoughts on “Creating a New Nobility

    1. for now. If it comes to nothing long term I have lost nothing. Perhaps it was a ploy to see who would be active in the reactosphere and respond when called. Perhaps it’s a conspiracy and I’m blacklisted. Perhaps I’ll receive a knock on the door and an invite to an island with no name and a date when a plane will depart.

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