Hobbypost: Cardfight Vanguard Set 16

This is something I want to do as much for myself and something I can give to others. Set 16, the 16th booster set for Cardfight Vanguard came out in Japan, and it’s due to come into America about december. It’s pretty decent. Support for new mechanics. Useful things in general.

I’ll go through the rarest cards first, then for the various common and so on, what’s useful, what’s not… so on.

New ability is legion. A card summons out a certain card and combines with it for a 20k attacker. Can put up to 4 cards from your drop zone into the deck, so put in the triggers and keep out the non-triggers. Keep yourself from decking out, etc. Legion has the benefit of LB4 and more power because Legion CAN fail if you run out of the ‘legion mate’, the second card in the combo. If you fail, tough luck, abilities cannot be used.

Seeker: Sing Saver Dragon

Good ace card for the Royal Paladins. Works with the legendary blaster blade, who has been weakened somewhat, as a seeker. Archetypes, that is, epithets like ‘seeker’ are another requirement, and so allow for a little more power. Can use the innate restand effect multiple times. 22k attack X 3 is fantastic. Keep the twin drive (top two cards, do what they say on attack) of your best one.

Best decks: High crit, decent draw, tough columns that work on the Seeker Archetype.

Problems: Running out of Blaster Blade Seekers. I play Raging Form Dragon, which runs 4 Blaster Dark Revengers, while summoning them out on command and I still run out of them. Legion requires the combo card from deck. Having it in hand, damage zone or soul/field whatever prevents this card, and by proxy, all legion mechanic based cards. So I won’t bring this up again. This card has nothing beyond this ability. I’m not impressed by Seekers.

Also, this card will run out of soul to blast.

Honest Seeker Egburt

This legions with the 12k attacker for Seekers available in the trial deck. The ability is kinda weak. Counterblast 2, if you have 4 or more Seekers on the field, this unit gets +5k and an extra damage. Very lacklustre. I suppose it works for a 30k+ attack for multiple damage. 27k without a booster. Might just be a better version of the terrible, terrible card: Cobalt wave dragon. Seeker support will help.

Strong vanguard column, no flash. Doesn’t deserve the RRR rarity. Would combo with sing saver or other ‘ace’ level cards.

Brawler, Big Bang Knuckle Dragon

Damn foine card. [ACT](VC):[Counter Blast (2)-card with “Brawler” in its card name] If this unit is in Legion, until end of turn, this unit gets [Power]+5000 and “[CONT](VC):This unit battles every unit in your opponent’s front row in one attack.”. Back in the day, there was a card called: Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion. He had the ability, but at higher cost and less power. He used to be fantastic. He is now completely irrelevant compared to this card right here. 28k without a bosster that slaughters everything. Would run.

Besides the usual legion weaknesses, this card has none. Maybe doesn’t have the game ending power of Eradicator, Dragonic Descendant, but it’s still awesome. The fantastic support that Narukami is getting means that there is a hundred odd cards you can combo. Heck, most of the time, you need not use other brawler or legion support

Brawler Wild Rush Dragon

Ability for this guy is pretty good, different focus, can combo with Big Bang knuckle dragon for brawler stuff. CB 1 when you drive check EITHER of the cards on your vanguard. Keep a solid RG presence that have abilities, legion actually helps increase the potential. High crits, legion doesn’t need any damage threshold. The second ability is decent: If this unit hits, you may retire one of your own and force your opponent to choose a Rearguard to retire. So: drive check 2 with the same names for 40k and 3 criticals. That’ll kill most anybody.

Flaws: Requires drive check of names the same as the vanguard. Is cool, but not compared to the guy above.

 Ultimate Raizer, Mega Flair

This is the least impressive of the legion cards. Like Skywalkers, there is another. When Legioned, if there are at least 4 units at rest, then this unit gets an extra crit. So: RG attack, Vanguard, gets an extra crit, triggers to remaining rear guard. The second ability is nice, stand a Rearguard on hit if it has a Raizer boosting it, at least. However, it won’t be used, as the limit of six damage means that he’s likely not to hit. Raizers favor crits over stands, so it pays never to let them hit, or to hit early on, when you can take a couple extra damage. The support is what makes this card work. Talk about them later.

Flaws: Weak abilities, can’t break 20k by itself (11ks allow for a simple 10k guard, risky, but works) Should be more, and work off of Raizers better.

MetalBorg, Sin Buster

This card is fantastic. Not only is it an excellent card without legion, is that it’s a good card with it. Both need to be in balance. Dimension Police are all about powering up the vanguard for abilities, and this just keeps going. This card works with break rides, power up cards and the singular strength of the metalborgs. When legioned, and if the power reaches above 30k, hard but not impossible, this card can only be blocked by grade 0s. In other words, it takes 4 cards to block for a 2 pass. With Daikaiser break ride or multiple abilities to power it up, there are few excuses. Besides that, if it hits and your above 20k before attack, then you get to draw a card. With Urbuster and other abilities, you can do extra damage, draw more cards or just a bunch of stuff. Great card. I love it, will run it.

Flaws: Requires 30k, but very plausible. Needs high aggressive cards and criticals.

Emerald Blaze

This. is a terrible card. Legion, CB 3 and discard a card of the same name as one of the center column. Summon out 2 cards. Also, soul blast 2 and this gets 2000 power. That particular ability is also terrible. The problem is that there are better cards that do it cheaper. Or with more power. Or any number of things. The card that combos with this, Silver Blaze, is fantastic. It gets 10k for a soul blast, as long as the vanguard is legion. This card is terrible. It’s good for the power, but nothing a break ride doesn’t do… so skip it.

Flaws: Does not have anything good to say about it.

Peony Musketeer Martina

I don’t like this card, but it’s otherwise alright. CB1 and cycle 5 non-trigger musketeers into the deck. Search top 4 for 2 musketeers. That’s a musketeer ability alright. I mean, that’s a fine +2 ability there, but eh, doesn’t excite me. Which makes me sad. Musketeers are not exciting to me. Those who like it, go for it.

Flaws: Without cards in the drop zone, it is worthless. Also, gains/gives no power and the +2 can be weak or cards you don’t need.

Now for the other cards. There’s about 6 Quintet walls being released. Necessary, some weren’t released, others are just reprints to lower costs. The others are combos for the RRRs or aces in their own rights. I’d run them over several of these aces.

Blaster Blade Seeker

Necessary and very useful for a cheap retire and combos. Limited to the rearguard activation for the CB 1 when placed on Rearguard circle to retire a front row rearguard.

Brawler, Bigbang Slash Dragon

This is good for the combo, guaranteed. When the vanguard hits, this card gets plus 3k. In other words, you can get +6 to +9k, as Big bang knuckle hits 3 times, potentially. power to the RG in such numbers is always appreciated. So, potential for 2 25k columns PLUS triggers you pull on the check. Good card, pity it’s only for the brawler archetype.

Phoneix Raizer, Drill Wing

Damn foine card. This is an ace of singular power. on attack, Counterblast 2 and stand the two front rearguards if each have a back row rearguard. This, combined with the 12k attacker leads to strong columns, vanguard and Rearguard columns. Would run. Not sure what other grade 3 to run with it. Maybe Perfect Raizer or Blau or something.

Metalborg, Dryon

Yeah no. Legion, get 30k attack power for an extra crit. Not worth it for now. Support is good and the 12k attacker is a fine thing, but not half as good as Sin buster or Drill wing.

Bloody Ogre

THIS CARD IS FANTASTIC. Not only is it hitting legion power, but the power is: perform legion, that turn, when rearguards attack, it gets +5k. With cards like the break ride, silver blaze and the old standbys Juggernaut Maximum and Sky diver, you could easily break 26-36k before triggers. The combos are fantastic, powerful and the cards that come with set 16 just keep the powers going. The second power: Attack with vanguard CB2 and soul charge from hand, summon out a card from the deck.

Licorice Musketeer Vera

On legion turn: All musketeers get +3k. So, 35-6k vanguard column and +6k to each rearguard column. It’s aight. I like it better than the peony RRR, but I think the combo, filling the field with peony then ending it with this card will be a good combo. Musketeer with a samurai sword though.

Set 16 is a good set. Not as good as 15, but certainly better than 10+14. My next post will not be a hobby, but I’ll talk about the new Spike brothers etc in later posts.


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