Joy and the Post Modern World

We are still modern men. Maybe not like they once were, but the chains of modernity are still upon us. Things are ‘true’ still. Not for those who know, but for those who do not know. There is no mainstream doubt to global warming, nor any mainstream acceptance of Christianity or any number of other things. But this isn’t REAL truth. It’s just what they find convenient. The idea that man could and does affect his environment so that Antarctica inevitably melts into the sea is not truth at our level of technology. Is some great mad man holding a giant magnifying glass over the ice?

Truth is true no matter what. When enough conflict arises, is the mainstream truth true? When it can be questioned, and no miracles arise out of it… is it true? Physics and reality do not bend normally, but would they bend for true things? Where is the joy that naturally comes from knowing truth? Gravity as ‘truth’ is true for us. Quantum mechanics being what it is, a forerunner and harbinger of postmodernism, only questions it for the smallest of things, but even then it is a fundamental force. And in weird ways. Quantum mechanics is strange bros. It twists truth, because we do not grok it yet.

But the post modern world is a rejection of truth, but it is not the truths of spiritualism, but of Mainstreamity. What mainstream truths can be questioned? Why not question them? Does the Rothchilde family deserve horrible justice for their savvy if cut-throat business deals? Is Islam REALLY a ‘religion of peace?’ (the answer is no) Look at what is being broadcasted, are not equality, humanity as one, multiculturalism and even evolution crumbing around the edges, if imperceptibly. A small chunk that falls in the great, jupiter sized room we are all traversing. (BLAME! reference) It crashes, we may hear it, or see it, or observe the wreckage after the fact.

Post modernism will eventually be a movement, not to personal truth, but ultimate truth beyond the pale. Post modernism will turn to spiritualism or something I’m calling ‘post-spiritualism’, which is simply post modernism but an understanding that Atheism is a null end and that we need to discover the farther truths of God. Jehovah, Yahweh, and there will be joy and singing and dancing, once the truth is discovered at the end of days.

In Revelation, those who remain do not question whether it is God who punishes them, they desire to escape his wrath. Rather than seek Him and repent, declaring the gospel and reason to martyrdom, they will hide their faces, curse and seek Satan. Satan is the great ‘way outter’. They will curse God and ol’ Scratch will come to provide a way out. Pride is as much his fall as man’s. And when the God pours out his wrath, then there is no question. Spiritualism will only have one end and it will be too late, so: Post-Spiritualism. No hope because hope will not be needed or be lies, which is not true hope at all.

Post modernism is what comes before, and is the forerunner of many things besides. I repeat, we are still quite modern yet. Certainly, it is on its way out, but not quite. I think that the reason we are in stagnation, is that modernism took the joy out of life, discovery and much more. I have said before that if Myself, Aurini, Franco, the Free Northerner and others in any applicable ‘sphere were in a pub and discussing such matters, we would not question whether there is God, but rather, the authority of the Pope, Indulgences, the movings of kings and nobles and the weather. Modernism killed that, and allowed a rebellion from the belief in the definite existence of God, stating that you are god, because something/one ought to be.

Are this not the roots of Nihlism? Nietzsche had no place for moralism or true spirituality, the ubermensch simply does. He is alpha and omega. And in that, there is a glimmer of truth. Morality, however, is required. This is the virtue of men that is discussed, and, to my eyes, becoming much more popular to discuss. Much like mentions of the allegory of the cave, but I say to you that man looked on the fire and put the shackles on to look at the shadows himself because he could not bear it. What does it mean that man looks on the shadows, how can there be shadows without the fire? That is, shadows without God?

This is where the joy begins to seep in. As we take off the shackles of modernism to look at the fire and what might cause the shadows, for men like me, I begin to smile dance and sing. For the things that cast shadows are still shadows illuminated from behind by the bright fire. Like a shadow puppet theatre, but we see things for more towards what they are. Still imperfect. Colors unnamed and shapes unthought and stars, infinite, which are flaming balls of gas… except that is only what we perceive them to be.

But there is the fire!

I wish to push all those shadow puppets aside and join them as close to the fire I can. It will all burn anyway. That is the great strange and awesome joy of the Christian. C.S. Lewis understood this joy, moving from Atheism to Christianity. I think others will know it too. For those who are an Atheist of the one true God, that is, to keep the allegory of the cave, keeping the chains on their necks willingly. Read him, he went before and danced at the fire. You damn yourself and I will mourn you when or if there is a time to mourn such things.

Read Prince Caspian, that wonderful scene where Aslan throws the chains off of his true worshippers and the ancient river gods and the trees and turns those evil school children to pigs. He summons Bacchus and Dionysus to true revelry, where there is only the joy and no one has a hangover at the end of it, and no diseases are exchanged. True joy is sadness, then happiness and happiness when the happiness is over. He overthrows the blindfolds put upon because the modern Telmarines are too blind themselves to think the world is any more. They saw the shadows, categorized them, studied them and then said there is nothing more and the fire is just a legend.

Post modernism does away with it to study the forms before the fire. Those still shadowed but so real things that exist between us and the Fire. The partiers and the sex addicts and so on, who are members of the manosphere in good standing have no joy. The allegory of the cave, instead of being a happy tale of man breaking his chains and looking upon the fire, they tell each other that there is a fire, and they’ve seen it, when their chains are still full upon them. A man can look at shadows and know that there is a light behind it, and say that these are more than shadows. But, he has never seen it. He has never known true joy. He seeks personal peace and happiness because he doesn’t have anything deeper.

Post modernists are a step towards joy, but they will be stopped by the forms before the fire. The things that cast the shadow that are still shadows thanks to the brightness of the fire. Mankind will abandon what shackles that keep us terrestrial and instead move further up and further in, just not enough. The post modern civilized world, when it comes to full glory, will be as Christian as it was before modernism.


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