The World since I’ve been gone

I’ve returned from my journey! Not only have I rescued a beautiful Venusian princess and recovered from an illness that drove me nearly to death but I got a JOB! I’ve hustled and got a mediocre, likely soul crushing Call center job! I’m actually kinda happy about it. Not only will it help pay my school debt, but it’ll also provide me with a framework to escape my loving, but quite deadpan and straightlaced family in glorious mindless corporate work. I can’t tell where the sarcasm begins or ends. There’s a lot of money on the line, and the sooner I pay off the debt (something I consider honor, despite the fact that they do not deserve it) I can hold my head high and say I paid off my debt and I am free. It’s about 40k, a bit less, in fact, and if I can pull the better to mediocre bonuses, I can pay it off relatively quickly, maybe two-three at mostd years, as I’m living at home. Once that’s paid off, I’ll go into investment of my hard earned cash, so I can travel and see my ancestral homelands while living on the dividends and, hopefully, money from my stories. But that’s a long time in coming. In the mean time I’ll keep being myself. I also need to find a gym. The local YMCA is a good start but I’ll keep looking. I don’t exactly live in a quality part of south STL, but there are a couple things that caught my eye.

The funny thing is that I’m having to do some finagling to graduate. A class I thought counts didn’t so I got to finagle the class in the proper slot. No matter, though, at worse I’ll online a piss-ant class online during my mornings off.

So UKIP won a bunch of seats and made a good showing of itself. I approve. I believe all nations should be lead by themselves, so to say. The idea that a Muslim can lead a Christian nation is quite abhorrent to me. Even the thought of America even half accepting sharia law is enough to make me angry, maybe even capable of violence. I don’t like the idea of not being under American control. Of course, I consider WASP and their imitators to be ‘American’ over other things. The idea that non-imitators and non members of the West can run them at the same level is not PROPER. That is the only way I can describe it. Pale imitation. Orc-work. They do not have the BLOOD. They cannot know or understand. America was and still is, the crown jewel of the West. It cannot be imitated by slaves like the Chinese or savages like the Africans or the remaining South American tribes. It is not a question of color or whatever else. It is a question of tradition, blood and honor. Christianity is even more important, but it is a theme like a beat in dubstep. If they do not become American, born and true, then they are nothing but wayfarers, and deserve to be treated as such.

About Elliot Rogers. Everyone has said better things in the past, but I have two things, I’ve not read, nor do I think people understand as well. First, that there are two cultures in American men. One is the masculine, Redpill or otherwise, they are attractive to women or, could if they could be bothered. These can be the bear homosexual to the Christian lumberjack to the true PUA. The other is pajama boy, Rogers and those more interested in status, political correctness and not-exercising. So to say. One, the first, has game, the other, simply plays the game. One works for reward and usually gets it. The other expects the rewards because they worked. The problem is that Group 1 usually is capable of handling failure, unless, of course, there is a certain attachment via mental instability. Group 2 seeks to immunize themselves from failure. In this, failure is more terrible, and leads to depression or worse. Group 2, ideally, moves to Group 1 without price but properly applied work. For me, it’s reading redpill stuff, practicing game and exercising I was not redpill, but I was stuck in reality, I understood, but had no direction. Others might be different. For Rogers, the movement would be harder. He had the body etc, but he would have had to mold his soul. He would have to deal with his desperation and desire to be loved. Even pitysex is a good start for someone like him. A little game, so horribly applied to a slut, got me that much at least and I became a little wiser for it. He already had the style and all the outward things, but the inward would need such work as to make him a great man. Because that is what it would have taken.

The second is that he is nothing new, just that there was nothing to restrain him.  He was cornered, in his own mind. He did not have anything to go to. Unlike, say, a Christian, who may fall upon his faith at dark times, and thus save his sanity. There are no more true safety nets to save him. A guy can be held with a platitude: “Keep being nice” or whatever, if he does see some results. If he isn’t effed up in some other way. But most have things that shows a little reward. If I played to group 2 and took a thirty year old, then there is reward. There are articles about single mothers being quite free with their bodies to attract potential mates. But patience is the key here. I have to wait for another 6 or so years. Which is easily done for a man like me, I think in decades, rather than day to day. I’ll be happy when I’m debt free. I’d be happy with a reasonable thirty year old ‘reformed slut’ or whatever. Of course, this was before I understood deeper things. I don’t want used goods. But I think used goods would have done wonders for Elliot Rogers. It would have rewarded him and prevented his desperation. He would not become a rabid chihuahua so crazy it thinks its a wolf. Compared even to a weakling like me, a fat bulldog, his inferiority was a siren song at the first note. And he forgot what he was, and got so deep that nothing but a heart 180 could have saved him. We’ll see more like him, to be sure, and they’ll need less and less because they’ll be lied to more and more. The excesses of those responsible, liberals, women whoever will become more and more unbearable. There will be a rebellion, of which we’ve seen the first true shots. Something will change. but Group 1 will win, because Group 2 will be a dead end. But a lot of people will die before then. Not millions, but enough.

It’ll be millennials, though, not gen xers. The heroism is in the blood. They must have their reward or begin to starve. Hitler was a threat that was removed and the last heroes were rewarded. Sure there was the hell of Depression and WWII, but, for all the pain and suffering, no one believed it would last forever. All heroes need a reward at the end of the quest. But Rogers, and I’m sure, other weaklings like him, do not believe in the light at the end of the tunnel. or even the red lighted exit signs. But damn, there is a pride in walking the shadowed darkness. And there are shadows in the darkness of that tunnel. They can eat the souls of heroes walking the train tunnel. And all that remains is the pride, and so they die. Maybe they take others with them.

I’m actually quite happy though. I got a job even though I hocked up a GIANT ball of phlegm into a tissue I barely got to my mouth in time in front of the interviewer. My nose started leaking a dark golden liquid all over and I couldn’t go two minutes without clearing out my sinuses. I mean, it’s a low level job, but damn, that’s some miracle, yah dig? And it gives me a compass point, and that’s enough for now. My patience will only give fuel to my ambitions.


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