The Next Nobility?

One of my favorite terms, red or blue pill, is ‘Noblesse Oblige’ or, in English, Nobility Obliges. Because there are those with power, their power comes with responsibilities. A king, in the ideal, served the people as much as the people served the king. In Odo of Deuil’s account of Louis VII of France’s experiences in the Second Crusade, he often describes the sacrifices that Louis made for his people, often acting with great heroism in the face of certain capture or death. At the end of it, he sacrificed much to help those without horses or ways to get home. Of course, he was still the king of France at the end of it. The book states at the end, that he was much a servant as a king, and so, for his faith and his willingness to do good, made him a great king.

He was king because of the things his ancestors had done, but he was great because of his sacrifices.

This story is a sort of segway to the audience of this article. The Dark Enlightenment, Reactosphere, so on, seems to consider themselves a new nobility, or, at least, a new intelligensia. Now, I have no complaint. I take the title of ‘King’ after all. But what I ask is that people consider it, rather than say ‘Nobility!? Now that is for me’ or, ‘because I am smarter, I deserve to reign’. Now most members are truth seekers, for all the talk, at the end of the day, no one is so arrogant as to assume they are honest to God nobles. We are barbarians. Sure, we dug up the graves of the past and wear their finery, but we are only civilized because so many others are not. We are still in the Twilight of Rome, and Rome still has a mockery of her strength left to resist us, for now.

There is still blood and fire before the next civilization sets in properly. Certainly, there will be no (I know it’s a misnomer) Dark Age, and my sons and, for those who will have children, their sons, will be taught what we know. History, religion, politics, intelligence, how to live, how to die, how to love. Things we have rediscovered from the rape of our civilization. Nobility comes from power, real power. For the last 200 years, our real nobility, royalty, even, have been the like of the Roosevelts (good or bad) and the Rothschildes. The Windsors could claim it, if ever the people would truly be moved by them to throw off their oppressors. There is, not yet, a hole for a real nobility, big enough for us to fill it.

Historically, nobility comes from the barbarian peoples, that is, those with the greatest capacity for violence. Could the new nobility be a ogliarchy of scientists, as in John C. Wright’s Count to a Trillion? Perhaps it will come from a millennium under the  heel of the Muslim. Will our children truly inherit our will? We cannot be nobility, in truth, without children. Warlords do not leave descendents who properly inherit their power. Kublai Khan was grandson of Genghis, but he only had China, and that rule only lasted 3 generations. The connection to all realistic warlords and nobles have some sort of power. Whether the Hermetic, a ship that can drop anti-matter anywhere they please or the vast Mongol hordes, something gave them an edge.

What does the Neo-reaction have? Truth, ideas, and the willingness to go against greater society. Truth is the ultimate foundation for a society, but it is not good tender. The average man cannot face the truth that this society he supports is screwing him over. The average woman can no longer face the realities of her nature. But crying out: “I don’t want an educated feminist for a wife!”Gets stares and reactions, maybe one guy will go, in his head, “yeah man, preach it” in his head. Crying out: “Without Christ, you are going to hell! I preach joyous life eternal!” brings, even in the more atheistic parts of the Dark Enlightenment, derision and denial. But the transitional modern->postmodern society we live in does not have much of a use for truth.

Much like how Christianity took time to move its adherents at large from Spiritualism to Modernism, that is, from the pantheons to science, good or bad, we are watching and suffering through the weird growing pains. Much like how the Barbarians who ruled the Roman territory, took a very long time to become civilized, it will take a long time to move to a civilization of ideas (and the fulfillment of them). Of course, in the proper times, the nobility will rise up. I’m betting on Captain Kirk/whoever sort of adventurer noble, but that’s the romantic in me.

Really, we shouldn’t be surprised who came up top in our society. We move from barbarians to landed nobility to banker, not because money is all powerful, but because we move to a society that frowns upon physical domination. Military Prowess -> Land and God -> Money -> ‘social Justice’ -> ideas? The problem with using money is that it’s a scalpel. It can buy land and more money, military prowess, etc. But Money is a finite resource, if you use it to get more money, like it as not, it will tie up more money than you can gather at a time. Economics brings down countries, but makes savage the people in uncontrollable ways. Money can buy pmcs and armies, but if the people in those armies have families who are suffering, and you are the cause, good odds are that they will turn on you. And that assumes that they can even gather power to resist the hungry and dangerous masses at their gates. So dies the current nobility. Best we can hope for is that they wise up, give up their power and disappear with a comfortable retirement package.

So lets sum up what I said so far. Back in the ‘good ole days’ Kings served the people as much as the people served them. As we’ve moved through time and space, the quality of nobility has decreased so that barbarians with brains and an ability to look at truth are more or less the intelligensia-in-exile, but parade themselves, truthfully or otherwise as the next nobility (philosopher nobles). As we move to the post modern era, the absolute power of money is becoming weaker as the nobility of current years declines in ability and refuse to serve the people.

Maybe everyone is speaking facetiously. Most of the greater candidates seem to have no interest in breeding, which disturbs me. Many seem too interested in living their own lives to really get any sort of acclamation. People have to be willing to serve, after all. Too many chiefs and too few indians, as my trainer at the call center would say.

Who are our people and who do we serve? We are the psycho-historians of the Western Civilization. Where can we got to find the power we crave? I have God, and so serve, but man lives on earth and is thus subject to principalities and powers. We should take this power. Whether it is through politics or leading a people to a promised land. Maybe someday a king will summon all who desire a new place to live at his home under his protection. As in those stories, maybe it will be a refuge in the storm and darkness, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

After the troubles and the wars that will mark the changing of the age, what will the world look like? A trailer for the Kingdom Hearts 2 remake has the line: “I swore I would survive and see the world after the Keyblade war!” The villain’s motivation proved fruitful and the cause of much grief. These people who thrive in the next years will be the true nobility. I kinda got the image of a race. Lets start some bets, I’ll bet on the home team, but I think a little side action to the Military and Christianity would not be stupid.

The next nobility:

1. The Dark Enlightenment/Neo-Reaction

2. Military/lawful enforcers of Western Civilization

3. Christianity over the long haul

4. Islam

5. Liberals

6. the Bankers

7. Current Politicians

8. Homosexuals

9. Tumblr/internet denizens

10. Members unknown third world.

1-3, I think, are self evident 4. Wouldn’t bet on it, in a punch up, they are the most savage, but also the most hated. 5 because damn they tried and the fighting is only going to get more fierce as time goes on. 6, money and the willingness to use it. 7. Dark horse potential, as they are the current powers, with dynasties, sometimes. 8-9. No chance, limpwristed and too few. 10. Another long-shot dark horse potential. Who knows what the Phillipines, Costa Rica or Nigeria could pull out their asses, if they survive.

As the years advance, these things will become more clear. How will the violence really start? We’ve seen the future, and we know the events, and we will ride out the storm. But will we learn the lessons of the past?

The great lesson, which I think will help our inheritors most will be the lesson of service.

Behold the works of those who were formerly mighty! They had all the money in the world, and the money that did not exist, yet they were beheaded on this spot because the people were poor! Remember this lesson, son, and teach it to your own children.

Or maybe, this and what we discuss is simply prophecy and an 11th racer will show us all up. Maybe we’re the prophets of this generation, crying out “REPENT! For the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! Repent before the wrath of Got and man falls upon you!” Or whatever you’d like to say. But prophets never tend to end well. But damn, more than most, we got a chance to be the next nobility and preserve the things worth preserving, if we can take advantage of what we see coming.


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