The Fire of the Spirit

It’s been a little while. The job is soul draining, even though I haven’t even made it past training. I got a little back by going to a cardfight tournament Sunday, where I got 2nd place. One more card, with at least 5k guard (common) would have saved me. Ah well, roused the blood and made me remember. Skipped evening church. Can’t remember a damn thing about the morning service. Old evangelist whose probably lived too long, by the grace of God or otherwise.

One of the things that gets me, even with strong churches, is the lack of fire. I go because my father goes and I live in his house. His land his religion. I wouldn’t go otherwise. I’d sleep in, or get up early and turn on the radio, pick up one of the broadcasts and do things, allowing myself to pick up things as they come, rather than sit and be bored. I’ve also forgot to tithe. That, I take seriously, even if I did forget the check. I’ll double tithe on the next one.

There’s the problem, the lack of fire. I’ve heard the old ones, preachers from the beginning of radio who had FIRE. Fire, according to the Greeks, powers the world and men. Fire, for Christians, comes from the Spirits. I’ve seen fire in new converts and foreigners who would otherwise be cannibals, though acceptable in their own lands. And America has no fire. Why?

Because of the legalism and sin of the majority. While there are places who still step proper in the faith and have the fire and there are those with the fire, most have fallen. The Methodists are a shadow of their former faith and the Lutherans are nothing but Catholics with only a little less ritual. Catholics have a chance, a ghost of a hope, but if they can’t break from ritualism and come to true faith, rather than faith in the rituals or statues, then they too will fall irredeemably. Collapsing to create something new with the true believers. This coming from a man living in Saint Louis, one of their last bastions, where great cathedrals can be seen nearly every where.

Ritual is a comfort though. Can’t enjoy it because I know it’s empty.

And there is a problem. I don’t know many Catholics by name to provide examples, but John C. Wright likely has the true faith, much like C.S. Lewis to the Anglican Church, but can he change the church? What Cardinals and Bishops call for real REAL reform, for the casting out of the pedophiles and a papal declaration damning them to hell if they do not do immense soul searching and acts of contrition? Who is responsible for hiding the priests all those years? A man may do so and not believe, but there is always a chance for the opposite.


That’s the real deal. When a man comes out and tongue starts spitting truth like a machine gun. When his eyes burn with fire and a shiver goes through you. And you smile and cry because there’s a little joy and your sins are forgotten for worship because you genuinely want it. This isn’t emotional, it’s deeper. The void at the heart closes briefly and you are past the old, sinful man and touching a hem of the God you have faith in. Porn and death cast by the wayside for the water like a miser in a desert.

Priests, yeah? True priests are like gold. They are human but get so much of the divine in their heart it touches all who come to them. There’s a straightness in the back and a fierceness in the eyes. These men intercede, though everyman should intercede for himself.  Truth is in their hands and they share  it. Even the Baptists are falling. The young men are leaving, but not as a rule.

Church girls, though, are so ‘full of the spirit’, that few really do anything, and the really good ones are taken by good men to raise families, as is proper. Damn, that sounds bitterer than I intend. This is a good thing that these good families are being made. There’s the seeds for the next gen incubating. I will LAUGH if I run into some at 30, drying up and still denying God’s real purpose. But I won’t laugh, not really. It’s not funny. I’ll tell them that they are being convicted of being unmarried to all the good men, beta but Christian, and could learn, who they knew at college, and they need to fix that between them and God. They’ll deny it, and leave. I’ll shrug and go back to reading or writing or whatever. Redpill, the defibrillator of the West, giving a bit of truth so man may not be deceived by the wisdom of mothers. Forced out of the lies.

It’s no consequential to me, anymore, what others’ narratives are. I’ll just figure out what God’s trying to tell them and reiterate it, praying all the while I’m not wrong. Some narratives, yes. Mine will sort itself out over many years. And I concern myself with it. I’m fighting  the malaise of a job with a minimal hobby. Next paycheck I’m getting a YMCA membership and working out. Dingy place, but good enough to start.

God’s not in America like he used to be. He wasn’t in Cultural Christianity. He was in the individuals, like He always has been. He works and He straightens and convicts. He’s moving the youth to fight what the previous generations gave us. As for any men who are like me, all I have to say is: do as the winds blow. I was compelled to write an article, today, about something else, but ended up writing this. A sort of encouragement. Heh.

When the Civilization of Ideas comes, that which may be the second to last Civilization before the Civilization of Truth or Lies which comes before Post-Spiritualism, it will be Christianity who wins. All the ideas of man will come and fight, adherents will go to the stars and there will be stranger things besides. I’ll be dead before then. We all will, really. Unless you read this, for some reason, during those eras.

To remind everyone, we live in the Civilization of Institutions and Christianity lost. From these ashes comes the Dark Enlightenment.

Why will Christianity win in the next one? Because Christianity is truth. Those with the fire have that truth. Humanly, we can never accept all of it. Parts of it are given as domains to each person. Whether it is the detection of truth itself, even if you can’t grok it, or a particular truth you can understand better than most. But there is a finite amount of it. And it can be known. Free Northerner has discussed that he expected the PUAs and the Neo-Reaction/whatever to divide up. The fight will be over truth, and who has more of it. Between Christian and non, not because one side is wrong, but that one side is more right. It won’t be much of a divide, a sort of fence that reminds everyone that one side denies Christ. They may have everything else, but so did the Gnostics in their twisted way. And that sticks in the craw of man. Why did Nero burn law-abiding Christians like torches?

Young men of Christianity and the West, my peers. We are the inheritors of the fire of truth. It is our privilege and purpose to pass it on. Thank God. I didn’t think I’d be grateful, but I am. It’s a purpose. Lights in the darkness to push away the void of Nihilism. This is the first great battle of the Civilization of Ideas. All institutions, even churches eaten by this void, caused by man forgetting what sin is. Nihilism won’t win, in the end, because no one can be empty forever. Next, we build up for what comes. Then others will build on us, and it will be thankless. But God remembers. He knows. That’s what matters.


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