Hobbypost: Cardfight Vanguard Booster set 14

So a new set of Cardfight Vanguard is coming to the US. This is the 14th set, Brilliant Strike. Not a lot of super cool stuff for me, but there are a few things I’m interested in. I’m going to talk about them here.

So, the only time I’m interested in sets is when I intend to build something from that set. I don’t make decks from the  ‘powerful’ cards in the set, I make things powerful through my deck construction. The opposite might work for Raging Form Dragon or cards coming out like Ashlei Reverse or Minerva, but not really for me. You can combo them up nice, but when your tricks are done, there really isn’t enough to interest me in them. Ashlei is awesome, but she requires a break ride (ride over for abilities at a certain point) for defense, and some support sends grade 3s, which do nothing but weigh a hand down, back into the deck, which is something that shouldn’t happen. The abilities simply aren’t worth it.

But what am I doing?

Sanctuary of Light.

It’s limit break is simple, at four damage, everything that shares ‘Sanctuary of Light’ with this card gets +3k. Good, turns 7ks to 10ks and 9ks to 12ks. His second ability is good too, Counterblast 2, when placed on Vanguard, search out a Sanctuary of Light and call it to Rearguard. Simple, easy to use. On command is nearly always better than dependent on a condition. CB2 for a +1 when comboed with the LB4 ability is not bad at all. With the previous cards in the ride chain, riding him is a +3 over many turns, if you can do it right.

I’m comboing him with Sanctuary Guard Dragon and Sanctuary of Light, Brightness Dragon for a couple reasons. First, I’ll likely be getting boosters with Planetal Dragon’s abilities so that works with Sanctuary Guard Dragon, who could also do the same, so I could pull a bunch of grade 1s, ride Planetal over Sanctuary Guard, and then suddenly have 20k+ columns all around. Brightness is a better Soul Saver Dragon. Soul Saver was good in the day, and even to this modern period, but Brightness is easier to use and on command. It also can break LOCK which would limit or give advantage to your opponent. Which is always useful.

So a Deck > 2 Brightness, 3 Planetal, 3 Sanctuary guard for grade 3s.

Grade 2s involve 4 of Sanctuary of Light, likely someone like Gallatin, Lamorak and Claudin, who provide strong columns.

Grade 1s should be 4 Sanctuary of light, 4 perfect shields, then cards like Sword of Hope, Richard, Marron and Rendgal, which benefit from being summoned and give large amounts of power naturally. Of course, this is from my own styles of brutal power combined with some card advantage and simple toolbox fun.

Triggers should be crit heavy, though stands are equally good. Due to the high level of card summoning, I may forget draws and go for either 4 stands or crits. Rainbow will work in this deck. Starter is the Sanctuary of Light starter for the Ridechain.

Maiden of Venus Trap Reverse

This is one of those who were turned evil by the work of LINK JOKER. These mechanics are based on locking a unit for a temporary disadvantage for greater advantages later. This card is good. CB1 and lock a RG, to look at top 5 and summon one. THEN give that 5k. It’s a neo-nectar version of Luquier Reverse. The other abilities aren’t worth talking about. It’s a +1 cheaper than 90% of other +1s. But I need about 8 grade 3s for a proper deck, what should I pair her up with? I have two choices, the break ride or her not evil version.

 Lord of the Deep Forests, Wisteria, is a good card for nearly every Neo-Nectar Deck. He can summon up cards for Gene’s weird advancement through the grades, he can work with Arboros Dragon Sephirots’ +3k for everything with the same name and he can work with any other main vanguard, because he copies what’s on the field for +2 to field. I may tech a couple in.

Maiden of Venus Trap, Muse, She’s a good card on her own. On attack search top 5 for a card with the same name as something already on the field. Good because if you run proper cards, you’ll have strong columns and conserve a lot of your hand. She’s a constant potential for more attacks and +1s that she is always useful.

So, let’s talk about the deck. Sanctuary of light is easy because it’s all about the Sanctuary of light powers working together for cheap plusses with tech to help with defense and that ounce of offense that’ll put the game in your hands. Neo nectar is more about combos and cards on the field for cheap. There’s also a cycling mechanic to best ensure that this happens. It thins out your deck and removes non-triggers from potential play, increasing the chance to see them. And if you choose your cards right, you’ll always have an answer for decks that retire or stun your field. So what will I be playing?

Deck > Grade 3s: 4 Venus Reverse, maybe 4 Muse, maybe 4 Wisteria, depending on how they play. Both are good, but I’ll start with muse first.

Grade 2s: Maiden of Cherry Bloom she summons out her little sister, Cherry stone if she hits the vanguard. Good card, pressure and that +5k will do a lot with the amount of 7k and 8k boosters out there. Then, it’s cards like Iris Knight or Hey yo Pineapple! for power, and Maiden of Rainbow wood or Poison Mushroom for Card advantage depending on your design philosophies.

Grade 1s: 4 Perfect shields. This deck doesn’t need quintet walls, as that needlessly uses up cards from the deck we may need for the field. 4 Maiden of Cherry Stone, This one exchanges herself for her grade 2 sister which can summon her back out without losing field. A good card, requires to boost something to hit vanguard, but still worth it. 4 Corolla Dragon, then 1-2 Fruits basket elf to help the plusses flow. This deck must run 4 ofs whenever possible, to best use Wisteria/Muses abilities.

Triggers: simple, 8 crit, 4 draw, 4 heal. Starter: Maiden of Physalis who exchanges herself for a grade 1, (Cherry stone, say) who can then summon a grade 2 that can summon grade 1s, if you get the strange and powerful circle of life going on here.

Hyakki Vogue, REVERSE

Now this is a card I’ve been waiting for for a while. His ability, lock 2 rearguards to give up to 3 cards with his name 10k, is good on its own. I’m going to apply some magic to him, but in a plain jane deck, it’s good. Damn good. His second ability is similar, when placed on vanguard, pay CB2 and search out a copy of himself to the field. At the end of turn, it returns to hand. In other words, you will at least get 2 by the time you are at grade 3. With other cards, I’m sure we can increase the solidity of this deck.

Stealth Demonic Dragon Kaguarbloom, this card is a good breakride in general. When something rides this unit, CB1 summon up 2 copies to rearguard and return them to hand at end of turn. This prevents them being locked or retired on the opponent’s turn, fyi, then give vanguard +10k on ride. Solid. Works with nearly every grade 3 of the Murakumo clan. Shirayuki, Gigantoad, Bandit Ape and, likely, Zanbaku will all work with it besides Hyakki. Not only does it thin the deck, all of those cards (Zanbaku excepted) need more of themselves to really work. He works with Hyakki to produce legendary 31k/41k/31k columns.

There isn’t really another grade 3 that works with this guy. Lets talk about the deck

Grade 3s: 4 Hyakki Vague, 4 Kagurabloom

Grade 2s: This is a tricky one, like Megacolony, Murakumo lags in the grade 2 department, but I suggest, Bloody Mist, white mane, the Arrestors or Gurenjishi. Spell hound is also a possibility. Remember, your grade 2s are subject to replacement by Hyakkis, so keep that in mind. They can be fodder for locks, though.

Grade 1s: 4 Perfects, and 4 Stealth Beast, Metamorfox This, and the two grade 3s are what makes this deck work. When he is placed on the Rearguard circles, he unlocks a unit. This is good facing cards like Glendios or Chaos breaker, but what does he do for Hyakki? Well, he allows the ability to go off again on the same turn. The cost is to lock 2, in other words, 2 in the back row because you want to attack and don’t need boosters. He replaces/is placed in the non-locked spot and unlocks a unit. THEN you can use the ability again. The legendary, on breakride turn, 31k/41k/31k columns. What becomes 1 10k and 1 5k defense, becomes 2 10ks and 1 5k, for STARTERS. That’s not counting triggers or other affects. The other grade 1s are up to you. I’m favoring Deathly dagger, because she boosts things that share names, Shijimaru and MAYBE million rat in case I need those boosters emergency like.

Triggers: 4 heal, then whatever you want. Crits work, stands work, many draws not so much but hey, takes all kinds I guess. Will test both crits and stands heavy, up to 12 or a combo of 6 each. See what tests well. For starters we have 3. I will be using Kokuenmaru, who searches top 5 for grade 3s, which I will need. Stealth ferret is good if you want to have an early attack. Would work best with Gurenjishi, which summons out more attackers. Then there is Goemon, which is more if you want to keep him as lock bait or just use the newest stuff.

To sum up

Dragon that gives power to like cards

Evil chick that summons from top 5 consistently with plenty of options

Super powerful ninja dude that, outside of Metamorfox, can be built any which way.


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