Hobbypost: The Yatagarasu Addendum

Forgot a card! This is the last ace I’ll be using from set 14. Her abilities are pretty awesome, if expensive. Soul blast 9 on attack (if vanguard) to draw to cards and two Genesis Rearguards and stand them. Also: When this unit is attacked, when you guard, place up to one card into the soul after battle resolves.

The first ability is pretty awesome. It allows for multiple attacks, up to 5 or so, depending, and, with the right break ride, this could be a 28k column, which is a magic number. Himiko is her name. When break ridden, she gives 5k to two units. that’s +10k to a column at best, but that’s not bad. It also, on attack, allows a soul blast 3 to draw a card, which ain’t nothing to sneeze at. Metis is also a good choice, in that she soul charges 3 and allows a drawn card immediately, meaning that on ride, you add 4 soul, the original and Metis’ ability. Mind, it makes yatagarasu’s need for 9 soul easier to reach than any others, which require Yatagarasu to have 12 for a himiko/Angelica turn.

4 Yatagarasu, 4 Break rides.

So, Yatagarasu and a break ride. What about the lesser orders?

Soulblast of 9 is pretty intense, so lets see what we can do to mitigate it. Yatagarasu naturally allows soul charge on guard, which is good, but not if we breakride. So, I suggest the card: Witch of Grapes, Grappa, and Orange Witch, Valencia, which have the same ability: When put into the drop zone from soul, soul charge 2. So, play himiko, soulblast 2, put 4 in. Not bad, what else can we add? Lets start with the grade 2s.

Now, it depends on what sort of philosophy you have. I wish to guarantee that I have at LEAST 9 soul in the vanguard for that super awesome attack. Which of Grapes, witch I mentioned earlier. I would also add Battle Maiden Sahohime: CB 1, on hitting a vanguard, you may soulcharge 3. For power, I would add members of the Myth Guards: Specifically, Denebola is put into the drop zone from soul, if you have a Genesis vanguard, this unit will get +3k. So, 1 then soulblasting 3 adds 9k. Maybe a few Withch of Ravens, which is, when soulblasted, cb1, put on a rearguard slot. It’ll help with card advantage, and against cards that kill a lot of things. One more potential is Broom Witch Callaway, which, on hit, CB2 to draw a card. You don’t use many CB in this deck, so one or two won’t hurt.

So 4 Witch of Grapes, 4 Denebolas and 3  Sahohimes, 1 Callaway

Grade 1s: Grade 1s are a more careful balance. 4 Perfect shields, of course. And, likely Witch of Oranges, which was explained before. Then, some cards which soul charge like Witch of Cats, Cumin (when placed, soul charge 1) or Existence Angel (when it boosts on hitting the vanguard, soul charge one), or Tatsutahime (Same as Existence, but CB 2 to soul charge 3). Depending. All are 7k and Tatsu does more at more cost, Cumin can boost to hit rearguards without losing abilities. I might mix Cumin and Tatsu. Also, Myth Guard Achernar, which is the same as Denebola (which, when a copy is soulblasted, gain 3k). Also available: Mihikarihime the 8k booster, also, Witch of Frogs Melissa, which is the same as Witch of Ravens, CB 1, when put into drop zone from soul, put this unit in a Rearguard Circle.

So 4 Kushinadas, 2 Tatsutahime, 4 Achernars. 3 Witch of Oranges, Valencia.

For Triggers, heavy crits. 8 or so. 4 draw and 4 heal. The starter is Amenohoakari, who is one of the best starters for Genesis. When she boosts a grade 3 Genesis, soul charge 1. That’s free dogs, and free is good. multiple charges and a soul charge BEFORE you have to pay 9 all but guarantees the 9 minimum.

This should be a solid deck. I’ll have to work on it over time, but hey, it’ll be awesome.



Now, with the release of the Extra booster 12, which is for Genesis, there comes a certain card I am just lovin.


This dude is awesome. His ability: LB4, when this unit attacks a vanguard, pay the cost, stand all Rearguards with Myth Guard in its name. It’s second ability is also cool, CB3, search for up to 6 mythguards to put into the soul. That’s pro deck thinning. all of a sudden, 6 not-triggers disappeared from the deck. by turn 4-5 that could be 13 triggers in deck of maybe 30-31 cards, with a heal to get rid of a used CB, you could thin it out further again for about 20 cards with 13 triggers.

Then the second ability can be paid for without worrying for your soul to cover it. If you can do it multiple times, then you do it multiple times. Archenar and Denebola gain power on the soul blast and Sirius and Orion gain power if the other is in the soul. Being mythguards, they are all choices to be charged up. Also, do suggest Myth Guard Fomalhaut – which gains +2k when it’s a vanguard for every “Genesis” card this unit drive checks. A couple La Superba, which are simple 12k attackers when attacking a vanguard would not hurt a thing. They can be… THINNED. (menacing.)

None Myth Guard support should include: Starter: Vivid Rabbit, the grade 3 searcher (top 5) and Koroha, who goes into the soul to give something +3k. You’d be surprised what 3k in the right place would do. High Crits, of course. 4 draw, 4 heal. We don’t need more soul charging, so 4 perfects, and 1-2 either Pineapple law, who is a self-damager for an early, devastating limitbreak (and heal bait) or Mihikarihime, who can let Orion hit 16k if no Sirius is in the soul. Grade 2 wise: Could us Callaway, Shitateruhime, the 10k beater.

So: 1 Vivid Rabbit, 8 crit, 4 draw, 4 heal. Stands interfere with Procyon’s restand mechanic.

Grade 1s: 4 Perfects, 4 Achernars, 4 Sirius, 1 Mihikarihime

Grade 2s: 4 Denebola, 4 Orions, 4 Shitateruhime

Grade 3s: 4 Procyon, 4 Formalheut.

A great starter deck for any newbie, I’ll look forward to it in the future.


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