Forgetting duty for pleasure.

What the modern world has abandoned, more than any other particular virtue, is duty. Sexual allegiance to a man or woman may be considered duty. Denial of self to accomplish some goal is duty. Not killing those you have power over, is mercy, but to wield that power in proper form is duty. Duty is required for all civilized behavior.

Strangely, as I was sitting around, looking at things, I noticed that, as the civilization declines, people are doing less and less what they are supposed to do. Those with a bit of freedom no longer feel the duty ascribed to them by having a place or having some goal to work for.

Fatties are a great example in American culture. They eat and are hedonistic, yet blame others for their own troubles. They know that all they have to climb the difficult mountain, diet and exercise, as well as create the desire of self improvement. Self-loathing can only get a person so far. So, I say, that duty must be cultured and advanced. Fatties move from no duty, to having duty to themselves. All fatties, at their core, do not love themselves, and this taints all they do.

Feminists as well. They state that there is no duty but to feminism, and all others are subject to it. To laugh at them is heresy and to ignore them is tantamount to making a racist holocaust joke. (Racism and anti-semitism all in one!) Blasphemy is the denial that women are not superior to men. This is quasi-religious, but still duty. They worship and desire to be at the top. Something that can only be gotten by true worth. Those who have true worth have duty, to themselves at least, and the ability to exercise the powers there in. ‘Alphas’ if you will. Because, for women, duty implies hearth and husband, they rebel against it fastidiously. They know that worth comes from duty, but because they cannot go that far, they deny it with every breath. They pervert duty so that they may be seen as dutiful to a cause no one else believes in.

The pick up artist’s duty is to himself. The writer’s duty is to his readers. The pastor’s duty is to God, who directs all towards the greater good. The husband’s duty is to home and country. Everyone, everywhere has some sort of duty.

The manosphere’s duty is to Western Civilization. This duty is both unselfish. Good can come of this place. In the decayed hallowed halls that once held Cicero, Lewis and Alcuin there are a few prophets, preachers and soothsayers left to say what this could be. In a spidery hall, Dalrock and Matt Walsh discuss Christian matters. In a dining room full of the stench of rot, Vox Day shares news and his interpretations, laughing at those who cook and eat the rot. John C. Wright, in an unblooming garden full of the skeletons of fairies orates midnight dances, and a series of two way mirrors pointed at the sky are his observatory. And people come, watch, listen. Those who like the decay mock.

And in the great, decayed castle, I ask, is it our duty to rebuild? Or must it burn down before it can be rebuilt? Where does our duty to the past end, and our duty to the future begin? Making myself strong and wise does nothing if I cannot show my children or teach students. Strength fails in time. Wisdom may turn to madness. Duty is greater, as it applies beyond the man.

I wonder if that’s the duty we need to aspire to today. This is the twilight. The sun is only an inch over the horizon. Will wars like darkness spread? Wars are the great prediction of the manosphere, and now others, as they become more common. The writings on the wall and the denial of human nature can only last so long before the worldview crumbles.

Moviebob, a critic at escapist with bi-weekly videos, stated, for his Lucy (the 100% brain movie) that knowledge was a good in and of itself and that it was the only source of good. He is wrong, of course, because knowledge has no moral agency. No duty to anyone or anything but itself. Knowledge, false or otherwise, produces more knowledge, which produces more knowledge, so on, so forth. The pursuit of knowledge can be a duty, but not in and of itself. How many praised God with one breath after holding it to mix an elixir never before mixed?

Did not the knowledge that God, and salvation, were truly knowable begin the long advancement, where I can speak to those who reside in the Philippines even as those who live in America? Did not the cracking and changing of natural law from superstitious paganism to ordered Christianity unlock the power of Western Civilization, which still floats about, untapped? Do we not have as much duty to the Great God and to the Savior of Mankind?

The answer to the question is dependent on the man, the honor, the civilization and most importantly, the choices he will make in the future. Man might have duty, might even have iron bound laws. Maybe man isn’t known by what he keeps, but by what he breaks.


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