Strange Days in Saint Louis

So, civilization is slowly collapsing on us. It was sort of just a hum in the background. This shits getting real, yo. Just give it a little more time… well. Huh. 100 rush a memphis grocery beating people. Of course, these are all not white people, generally. Ferguson. In my own damn City, for all in that area is Saint Louis. I lived with the city between, but you could feel it in the call center I worked. Not anger, but the sort of disinterest that comes from those who are familiar with these events.

I was asked by a Hispanic what I thought. I said: “Kid fought the law and the law won.” Simple. Everyone in the reacto/manosphere knows what damn well happened. The media knows, everyone who still thinks knows. Only one a little confused was my autistic brother, who is simply too innocent to think deeper than the surface, good or bad.

My sister was more liberal, but at the same time, she had no answer to my jest to her worries about the violence “We aren’t exactly going to be shot by whites.” She left and dad chuckled. We see damnit. The benefit of being so deeply entrenched by Christianity. Almost real Christianity, but without the tender love so abused by the likes of the name it and claim its or lefty Lutherans. It’s brutal truth. You can’t be deceived easily by lies. Man is evil. Nothing else except Jesus.

We might not agree with the deeper deals of human biodiversity, but we know that monarchies are started by elite peoples. Stronger conquerors like the Normans took land all over Europe from Sicily to England because they were stronger and better organized than any others. Many other civilizations had their times to shine, but the Christian powers kept civilization together and from stagnation. It is not until the placement of atheism/personal peace and happiness OVER Christian values that the west begins to slow and decline. What lies there are we must decide the truth of.

Christianity is the great equalizer. It states all are brothers and sisters, not because we are all human, but because we all serve God and are bathed in the Blood of Jesus. It’s something beyond us. Christianity believed all men are brothers, so even now, the majority cannot question it, but they have forgotten something.

They are not our brother until they bend their knee to the Son of God.

That is why I propose something greater. This isn’t true utopia, obviously. This isn’t even fake utopia, it’s a simple idea, that all things can be conquered by the power of Jesus blood. And for all the problems human imperfection brings, only entropy is bringing our nation down. You can talk of the violence and inability to evaluate of the blacks or the cunning of asians or the greed of Jews, but in the end, the pride of whites is beyond ALL. Were not the Blue men of John C. Wright prideful that their tricks, stoicism, learning and Knowledge would win them judgement above the Locusts? Were not the Romans proud?! Were not the Babylonians so proud that they drank from the holy items from the looted Temple? Was not Cain proud of his own sacrifice?

All of their descendants are dead and only we, the West, have truly pieced together a portion of those fallen civilizations. And what makes us better than them?

We are all equal before God, but not before each other. That, of all things, should be remembered. For all the Human biodiversity people can sling, the Christian cannot forget, the black Christian is your brother. The completed Jew is your brother. All Christians are part of one body, one host, from the Alpha to Omega. Doesn’t mean anyone should stay as inferior as they are, but should grow themselves to their highest potential, for God and Jesus.

Will Christianity be able to support the theories of human biodiversity, which has an end, even more terrible than the Nazis for its everyman against his neighbor, and even against his own family. The liberals will side with the civilizers, who are Christians or ‘Christians’ and well armed or have too much to lose. There is no other side to take.


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