Strange Tidings and Emma Watson

It is not my habit to comment on the actions of women. Men are far more interesting. We do and succeed of our own will power and God’s grace. Women do interesting things, but not as such a whole. The densest book of real feminine heroism is only found in the Bible, and those rare, real collection of faerie myths that now only inhabit the shelves of true believers.

But what I find strange is that Emma Watson is showing up more and more as “Not a radical feminist”. I have two theories, first, that she is and that she realizes that the market for it has dried up. Secondly, that she isn’t, but must toe the party line. Either way, this is not some sort of reprieve or time of things to come. Equality is still madness for women will not work as men.

This is the great watcher of the Night Lands blinking, so slowly, that it takes generations to close and open again. This is a slow calm. For, the radical feminists must get more desperate before change can happen. Friedans and whoever the hell else must die lonesome and facing their sins with none of the grace given to their gender. Age will break them.

And for the internet to be deceived that Emma Watson is anything but seeking a more palatable party line is inexcusable. There are enemies all around and our sacred places are desecrated. We are living in a wasteland as laughter and howls surround. Light comes in the personal love, but not in the words of a woman either forced to be or making herself a politician of the global scale.

Still she speaks of inequality born because women will not take the well paying dirty jobs that pay better. She speaks of equality when many places, such as my own workplace, a call center, are almost unbrokenly female in management, all the way to the top (not always, but in my own direct line) Not that I work in a factory… She is no different than any of the other blue pill demagogues, except that her blue pill is easier to swallow for the new red pill convert. Or for the tired one, who cannot face what is truth any more.

Truth is a burden to bear. Freedom has a cost. There are malices who seek the destruction of Masculinity, especially Christian Masculinity. And like female Night Hound in Cry of the Night Hound by John C. Wright, this bitch means to get in, and destroy our will to fight. Do not be decieved, oh men! Oh fighters! Maybe she will change her tune when we are triumphant, but do not nod your heads until the soul is laid bare and how she is is truthfully known.

Pardon for the poor spelling. This image found on 9gag. Man hating failed, but Gender equality hasn’t.


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