It’s racist if you don’t

I don’t usually get pissed about things. Not really. Anger is a fleeting emotion for me. I’m chill. I usually forget 90% of the things I do in five minutes, grudges and personal hurtings just sort of slide away. I’ll forget what I’m talking about eventually, faster than others, but damn, I am simply NOT chill for the next, 10 minutes at least. Of course, context:

I don’t read cracked much any more. I have a few articles like this one:   which just tickles me pink to think about a psychopathic clown failing to raise a baby in a strange and wondrously sordid way.

But here’s a comment that bothered me. It’s by a SJW that I still keep in contact, that helped me deal with the transformation from simpering gamma/omega to delta/beta. It involved emotional conundrums as I tried to shift the world from my moralistic religiosity/hedonism to a more balanced viewpoint. It’s not fun. But this is what he said on the comment:

On the list of things I would do if I had the powers to make my will reality, I would randomize the ethnicity of all babies as a way of utterly destroying the lives of the racist. But I guess the intelligent plea works too

My comment, logically: “So it boils down to: It’s racist if you don’t? Screw you buddy, I’ll date who I find attractive.

They do not see bloodline or heritage. They do not see personal desire. If it goes against the dictatorial collective, it is racism! BAD THINK! BAD THINK DOUBLE PLUS BAD. or whatever they desire to say. Free speech.

I wonder what his response will be? Maybe I should have left him behind like so many others. This is life. He went to Seattle where he could escape ‘racism’ and other such things (he is black, of mixed race). But in Seattle, he is falling into the confirmation bias pit trap of liberalism. Because they control the media, all of their nonsense echoes about. Of course, I see this in the same light as a sign of decay and the losing of grips. In the same way as a starving shop keeper, who cannot eat his own goods, shoving rot in your face and saying “HEY this is what you should eat!” Hey, the rot could be that fermented shark meat? I hear it’s an Icelandic delicacy, or kim chi. Some people enjoy it. Me? I wouldn’t mind a shark steak some time, but not fermented. But that shop keeper strikes me as one who may go out of business soon. Let’s shop elsewhere.That’s the difference, really. I might be a heretic because I say that a man should eat what he wants. He should never eat something that disgusts him. We are free people. That means more than not being ‘racist’.


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