A step away from De-civilization

I think people don’t really understand civilization, or the concept. With nihilism came the destruction of a reason to be decent. People chose themselves over others, and so when WWI was worse than any other war before it. People lost perspective as their bosses lost the Christian spirit and the beginning of a schism between ‘The West’ and Christianity began. Of course, without Christianity, this whole world would be nothing but mud huts and brick and marble temples to foreign gods we do not know.


So before, even during the hippie revolution and the breaking down of the family which causes us grief, it was assumed that life was sacred. Suicide was bad and the right to kill yourself was not a right at all, but a sin, if not to God, then to Civilization. But with that being ripped away, there is little to halt the downward spiral. It began simply: 1. Removal of morals. 2. Removal of family (beginning 1960s) 3. Removal of children. 4. The bargain with Death. Now, how long until we worship the Reaper? How long until the terrible fantasies of Dolcett’s pornography, where women are meat and toys and breeding things bred to suicide?

They warn of patriarchy in the Christian sense, but they are blind to the patriarchy of BAAL.


I agree with Matt Walsh. This woman is a coward, low and sickly. But she is a poster child of a great movement to what I think of as the Evil Patriarchy. It is Satan’s mockery, for the religious, and the ultimate goal of current society, for the non. How many will go to hell because they think that suicide is a way out. Fools don’t realize that Christ broke the cycle, so that no new life happens after that final death but for those who are under the Blood. There wasn’t any to begin with.

But the alternative is the void. You see, there is nothing else they can choose! When faced with mortality, man must decide whether or not life is worth living. Myself says of course. There are things to build and stories to write. This is not even counting Christ’s command to bring others to Salvation. But they say why should we worship Christ? Why should we do anything? Because others will see these works. It benefits Civilization. Why should we spend time and effort in that way? Because it’s worth it! HOWWW IT WILL ALL PASS AWAY IN THE NUCLEAR FIRES AT THE END OF TIME!

And there is no answer to it. Not really. If they push to the end of time and the END OF ALL THINGS which cannot be answered but to say that they are wrong.

She looked to her heart and said that she would not fight until the end of her natural life. Bravery is facing the abyss and letting it come to you. It is not running to it in open arms. It is in the living and the fighting that meaning is won. If Christianity was easy it would not be worth it. It is a pleasure, but a burden. And she couldn’t face her meaningless life. Another martyr to the cause of Cancer, and great medical machine for the money and power of the corrupt west.

Were she like the despairing Chinese! Locked in a factory producing iphones for barely any pay. Jumping because there is no other escape.

So I would say that she should be locked up in a suicide ward. Watched like a rabbit and given doctor’s ministrations! Her husband should fight her! Her children should remind her of the life she has created and not of the one that she will end before its time.

A man paralyzed from the neck down is not a brain on a meatsack. In our modern era he has the chance to turn himself into a 6 million dollar man! A cancer patient must have some drug or experiment to try. A person doomed to die has a chance to do something greater than just DYING!

If she does choose to die despite being such a coward, I hope someone gets something out of it beyond her running jump into the abyss. I mean religiously, sexually, monetarily, anything to keep it from being so empty. Because if it isn’t empty, it can be built on, better or worse.


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