The emptiness of SJWs

I’ve been working on the novella, A Boy a Gun and a Bike, and haven’t been able to write here much. Or maybe it’s because I’m having a hard time disciplining myself to write this blog. Or maybe it’s my soul being sucked by the job. Discipline is hard. Attacking people is easy. Bring on the Social Justice Warriors!

Life without whiners or SJWs is hard to imagine. Would it be a stoic utopia filled with good things and good food? Would men do what they must and women be what they can? Would dreams lower or expand? Instead of being lazy, and beta for most of my early life, would I be alpha? Would I be married now? What does this have to do about SJWs? Why, SJW is Nurture over nature. My parents taught me good from evil. Their parents taught them no such thing.

I’ve been exercising, I’ve struggled from having a hard time with 25 LB dumbbells to 50 LB dumbbells. A nice jump, yeah? I’m returning to a more natural state. I was made and allowed myself to be SJW/beta (for, no true alpha is a SJW in truth. To be alpha is to accept or defy fate, not lie about it.). I fought the SJW side of it, for Christianity is too much truth to be ignored. Man being evil, but being beta is like an old, comfortable garment, and it is hard to remove.

SJWs desire something they cannot have without work and envy what others have. Love and goodness are alien to them, and sadly, to those who evolve beyond the mindsets. Good things are a blessing, but even now, I cannot properly digest them. What of those who were initiated in the deepest mysteries? Can Anita Sarkeesian, who I cannot bring condemnation against, appreciate even the joy of Super Mario in a non-drinking party session? I laugh well and freely, but I do not see many SJWs doing the same.

Why do they appreciate misery? What endorphins do they get from their ideology? I am a Christian and I get pleasure from worship, or do when I go to worship. I have to worship to get pleasure. But I serve a worthy God, THE God. They serve their own appetites and the desires of those around them. They scheme and hate, but how could this life be justified? They have no higher power to justify action.

They cannot. This is their great secret of all secrets. They have no rhyme or reason to do what they do but that it is empty purpose. I can call upon higher powers and deepest magicks for my curses and my beggings for forgiveness and healing. They call on the mob of similarly empty human. This mob has many earthly powers. They have money and blogs. But…

My novella has a great theme. Power. Alexander Berne uses his power to take his son from his ex-wife. It is a declaration that Might makes Right > Law, when one has the tools and will to do so, that is. There is no SJW analogue in my story, no need for one. It’s a question of what is decency and what is our right. They are wrong in all things. In stories, they are the quisling and the weakling. In life, they are the weak males and females too afraid of the work required for success to be successful.

Goodness is not inconsequential, yet, Anita Sarkeesian manipulated things so well, that only the initiated of Gamergate understand her evil. Zoe Quinn was undiscovered until she betrayed her beta boyfriend one too many times. Who the hell is Brianna Wu? But they failed when their actions created another mob. A force dedicated to things that are meritorious.

SJWs thrive when no one can hold them to standards. There are standards. I am taking so long on the novella, which a master would have finished within weeks, because it is my first contribution for money.. I want to array myself in the finery of literature and be meaningful and tell the good story. I want to be rewarded for my effort on merit. They write terrible dino porn, exact money from the causes they support and tear down what they hate and cannot be. And it is all emptiness to them.

My novella will be published in 2 weeks. I will offer it to Castalia House first, then to amazon.


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