Dwelling on the New Year

It did not feel like Christmas, nor did it feel like a new year.

I don’t know whether it’s my problem dealing with time. Is it the problem that I cannot separate legalism of Christian Culture with the personal service and love of Christ. I study and think, sometimes pray, someday, I’ll understand. but that’s the thing, it’s a transitory problems. The journey is real and so is life.

So what has the journey been for me? A year off and on exercise, getting intense recently and gaining me 100 pounds (from empty bar) and losing me about 40 pounds, 300-260. I’m no faster than I was, and I’m still bulky with a tendency to fat, but it’s a step. Main deal I don’t read many exercise blogs is because I don’t really see it for me. I will get to their high level, some day, but my goal, as of this writing, isn’t so much to become thin, but rather to lift heavier things and walk up three flights of stairs without losing breath rather than two flights. Big dreams!

My writing only continues to improve. I have finished the novella, and only do the remaining editing. Namely, add some detail to the fight with the helicopter and maybe a gym scene or something. I’m not sure what. Something. I need to bring up the level of character improvement from point A – Beta Drunkard with nothing to B – Less beta kidnapper of his son. You know, progression.

I’ve also begun to work on the Skypirates of Jupiter: Escape from Earth. I’ve written ten pages and not likely to stop. I’ve been planning it out. 10 pages is enough for introductions to the city of Greater Space Elevator. I’m pretty pleased by the descriptions of Miss Spider and Granny Ladybug, the AIs in charge of educating the children. I’m also happy about the Silicon Soul Society (inspired by Silicon Life, the villains of Blame! by Tsutomu Nihei) Men-Machines who search for the boy because he holds key to flesh-machine hybrids. And I’ve finally gotten the name down: Jaspers Silver. Jaspers. SILVER. yessss. Am I a hack combining everything together from various other experiences/worlds for my own benefit? Yes. Yes I am. But it’ll be awesome.

I’m not really feeling it right now. The superversive movement is going strong. I’m enjoying the decline better than I was before and I’m doing things because I want to rather than because it’s expected of me or because it’s required. And that’s not bad. I’ll write more later.


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