Civilizational Authenticity

When is self-awareness detrimental and where is it needed? We have ideas of authenticity via being true to ourselves, but was that accurate, since the philosophers who advocated it (like Kirkegaard) were in a definitive Christian civilization, where one could say that a civilized man’s natural state could very well be goodness. It was easy to say the African savage eats the hearts of his enemies and kills members of the tribe to old to be of use because he is a savage and that is his nature. BUT if he were civilized… Why! he would be as a civilized man and defaultly good. Both of these were recorded of the Zulu tribe by various writers, especially missionaries.

There is a problem that we face, that ‘civilized’ man has neither civilization or the need to be. What then, is authenticity? Is it Homestuckian irony? Both knowingly making terrible things then laughing at them for being terrible, or being good, and saying they are terrible in obviously false ways, or taking terrible things and making them good through sarcasm? Is that authentic, is it character based? Is it like the hipsters, hyper-uniqueness, such that an hour’s care goes into a beard or aging a pair of used stockings for that perfect 60’s look? Or whatever look they are going for. It is a look, by the way, that translates to a sub-culture. It has always existed some how. Perhaps the hippies were simple a more extreme version, for do they not eschew all hints at non-pagan culture, and seek a return to Natural Man? Or rather, the noble savage with health care benefits and the finest drugs your tax dollar can buy or corrupt hick can grow.

But is that authentic? One questions it. Is authenticity JUST inside of us, or rather, is it also imposed on us by society? It may be authentic for my personality, what with a family history of going on crusades on my mother’s side, to burn down a mosque being built. But would it be authentic in a society that does not value me crying ‘Deus Vult!” and burning buildings? That is all they view them as, those liberal quislings, just buildings. Of course not, that would not be authentic to my raising, which has not even taught me how to make a bomb or how to properly fire a gun. It would not be authentic for my faith, either. God has not yet willed it.

But would their be a time it would be? I would say yes. Should there come a driving out or pogrom, it would be authentic to culture and faith to do so. Does that contradict the fact that I was not taught to be violent. Or does how I raised fall servant to my own heart’s desires? Of course, faith contradicts, the Bible is clear: The Heart (as in, the thing liberals want you to follow all the time, that tells you screwing that girl who has those strange sores in the bar is okay, because it feel right and hey, Mr. Penis AGREES) is desperately wicked, above all things. Perhaps, the other things I mentioned, faith, culture, nurture, as well as a dose of healthy personal will, keeps ‘the Heart’ in check. Thus, a person is authentic to the civilization. When a person is both decently authentic to themselves AND to their society, they become a higher class, patriarchs and matriarchs, doers, movers and workers of high quality. It is better to be both, than one or the other, and especially neither, for neither is be worthless, and to be one is to deny the other.

Is civilization a higher good and can IT be authentic? To define, can it have a set of rules, actions and reactions that are native to it and can be pursued, as a whole, without undue stress to the group. Of course it does. The Apollo Program (and space programs in general in American Civilization) caused no major stress, pain and did not violate or create ‘negative’ responses to any of the things I mentioned earlier. Of course, one can argue it, as well as what were the causes, so on, but it’s American glory days. The culture has adopted the event into the mythos. The doubters are mocked and is not Neil Armstrong and the rest of his crew heroes? Similarly, the Civil War is largely considered a negative part of our history. It’s not what it was fought for good things, but that it was suffering. All the bad stuff, slavery, state vs. nation, incompetency of past leaders, was brought to a head, and like a body dealing with trauma or a disease, there were fevers, coughing, and a limb being sawn off by a drunk doctor. No sane person (no true Scotsman) would say that the Civil War was a happy awesome time to be an American. It was terrible, but necessary, perhaps even being authentic. At the end of the day, if civilized people discussed something and no one fixes anything, then the action is authentic, if terrible. We can say the Civil War was necessary, willed by God or the people or whatever, but there is nothing to say that Americans, who lived at the frontier of civilization, were not capable of violence.

The best example of of inauthenticity in a civilization is Liberalism itself. Why? Because, Civilization being the body and I a cell, you a cell, everywhere a cell cell… something that is telling those cells not to work together, but rather to fight and be weak. Of course, this is simplification. Communism failed, as did anarchism, which is both leftist badthink. Feminism is a particularly virulent and modern strain, of course, there will be more after it. It attacks the female and male portion in different ways, while forcing people to think that they are healthy. If they are not healthy as Feminism defines it, they, then must not be healthy, and must be destroyed. Fortunately, this breed of feminism is a paper tiger, unable to kill other cells, directly. The worst of it is the subversion, the ideology forces people to be inauthentic to the civilization and even actively work against it. This hurts it and combined with other diseases, quite deadly.

All civilizations can be considered viruses when in contact with one another. Some work well, for example, Japanese culture coming into American culture (video games and anime), or Scottish culture and Calvinism, kind of. Scots working well with anything is nearly impossible, but it stuck and I have Scotsman on the brain. Islam to Christian culture and English vs. Mandarin Chinese bureaucracy are examples of cultures that did not jive well. Islam fundamentally strikes against Christian ideas of Grace Salvation and liberty. English imperialism (authentic for English culture circa 1900s) did not like that the Mandarin class that ruled China via bureaucracy (authentic for Chinese culture. To wit, they have never, in recorded history, been without it someway) both wanted their money and their goods but did not like the negative affects opium has on the populace. Mandarins lost in the various Opium Wars.

Now, bringing this sorta full circle, but we’re not done here. I’ve talked about self awareness, then defied authenticity, civilization authenticity and talked about Calvinists. We’ve covered a lot. We’re going to cover more. Take a shot, relieve thyself and maybe take a nap. This is part 2.

The Manosphere is a civilization anti-virus or white blood cell. Not a vaccine, and not a supplement, the vaccine is Christianity, which is Authentic to American and European society, and is a generally benevolent, culturally, to societies it has invaded. example: Christianity, when it began to take over India, it gave reason as to why Suttee, widow burning, is bad, rather than the reason “The British Said So”. It is left to the highly conservative Hindu culture.  The supplement is the Red Pill, which helps men deal with our sick society as it defines the rules we men must play by.

The Manosphere needs to be defined, in general terms. The Manosphere is an overarching organization of men who are heavily invested in authentic western culture. Christianity is accepted as necessary for the masses, and a foundation, among others, such as Rome. The Red Pill has also been taken, or is in the middle of being taken. A good example of a proto-manospherian is found here: LINK  Examples of a deep thinkers are many, but the few that I deal with the most are Davis Aurini and The Dark Lord, VOX DAY. There is a spectrum, and not all agree with all. What is personal Authenticity is up for debate, but for myself, so long as some conditions are met, atheist vs Christian is immaterial, so long as we agree that Western culture must be preserved against its enemies and what those enemies are. A man who says that Bronyism is the greatest foe, I cannot agree, for is not feminism among us and Islam at the gates, trickles heralding a flood?

(Note on Bronyism, it’s a lifeboat in an authenticity storm for those who haven’t got the strength, for it does take strength, the body is sick. And if you haven’t strength, Come Wayward souls, Who wander through the darkness, There is a light for the lost and the meek!)

The Manosphere is aware of what is Authentic and what isn’t. Rather than declare something that is false is true, they state that there is truth, and it should be known. Rather than lull others to sleep and that unhealth is health, the Manosphere states that personal authenticity must be active, and exercised. The various members, of course, are human, no one doubts. Reason and stoicism are valued, and weakness is cursed. And, rather than celebrating the weak, the manosphere gives tools to become strong, should one actually want to have them. In other words, the Manosphere is no woman hating cess-pit of virgins, as its enemies, who are actively subverting the civilization to something inauthentic.

The enemies goal, to recreate the civilization in their image, while valuing others above their own, is unattainable. Beyond whether actions are authentic or not, they serve madness dressed up as kindness. The infected individual may act authentically pure, envying and hating as to their nature. But their logic is flawed when applied above, to either God or civilization. The removal of standards and the promotion of anti-standards, such as feminism or Islamization do not work with the cultural values of Western Civilization, nor are members who join from these ideologies or Muslim territory able to fully embrace the original spirit. This anti-valuation of wrong beliefs to the detriment of valuable portions of productive members of this Civilization, men, whites, heterosexuals, Christians and patriots. Did not Zimbabwe fail miserably after casting out the whites and promoting the undeserving to positions of great power in the name of justice?

Let us chart decline – There is a period of authenticity. The nation works and its peoples are contented. There is time enough to play and work and think without undue threat to life. Then, a new thought comes, a reaction to some stimulus. In Feminisms case, it is the perceived patriarchy vs perceived injustice. Whether true or not is immaterial, the great, ‘unknowable’ powers of philosophy, immorality, liberalism and pride made it so, no matter reality. But the people who ruled the land had no reason to stop them. The ideas of speech freedom, kindness and justice for all are authentic to the American civilization. So, like parasites, they wormed in and corrupted, finally reaching the common man. Then, society begins to become inauthentic. Whatever people might think of themselves is, like an ideologue’s ideals is immaterial. The civilization becomes ill because no one has successfully fought the disease.

America is blessed, because, unlike nearly all other civilizations, it is accepted that one thinks for themselves. The Chinese are slaves when put into sufficiently large organizations. Indians are beholden to class. So on. There is a system in place and easily reached to fight against the disease. It’s why people like me have hope.

Society as inauthentic is unnatural. And there was a reason for all my ramblings and metaphors! Man is a part of nature, and nature corrects itself. Because man is natural, and because many men make up a civilization, Civilization will correct itself. What helps us, is that, rather than depending on a rival ideal, a la Naziism vs Communism in Germany, 1930s, we are aware and depending on a certain awareness. This awareness makes the manosphere much stronger than most anti-viral activities. Life itself follows tropes and cliches, and knowing them and accepting them is power. To deny them and get everyone to agree is a power, but not in the same way. It is a false power. Because it is false, truth outs, and a group actively fighting the false powers will be vindicated and civilization will begin a turn to authenticity once again, or, because I am the author and I like metaphors, the body, will be healthy.


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