Christian foundations of the Nation

Civic Nationalism is nothing as it denies Christianity as the only way to overcome all preexisting nationalities, genetics, personalities and desires. These chains are what Christ freed us from, beyond Sin. I will also make this statement, the only successful Black Man and White Woman relationships I have seen, personally and in real world, have been with Christian couples who have the real faith.

In other words, it is only through Christianity that all things the Alt Right supports, can be realized. Because Christianity serves the God who respects no one, no boundaries and no laws but His own, we are granted the same rights to overcome all things. Genetics are nothing to the one who made us in the womb. What are the boundaries of man and his kin to the one who made the earth?

Perhaps the failure I have seen of those who discuss such things is to continue to demand that the Christian benefits of lacking any requirement to follow the law but render to Caesar what is Caesar’s – but to continue without a Christian concrete morality. In other words, men like Milo or Stefan Molyneux, for all their boldness or wisdom or Je ne sais quoi must eventually repent of their sin and be baptized for them to truly enter into the national spirit that may rise up from the current events, besides entering into heaven, which is greater.

I am not insulting them, nor saying that we should disestablish them from any desire of their heart. Simply, I am saying that Stefan is wise, and I see him touch on the faith like a blind man feeling something before him, but he must bow the knee to be anything more than the last true Roman. (for Rome still lives in the hearts of men). As for Milo, he claims Catholicism, but if he was ever saved, he has become so profligate as to allow speculation of his salvation. My God catch him, even at the last breath.

On the other hand, I have always found the neo-Nazi’s to be an odd bunch. White supremacists as well. I do not vilify them. I live in a black neighborhood. I am aware of the differences between white and black, to say the least. I was in STL during Ferguson but haply had good fortune to have a military outpost about 200 feet or so away from my own home, and so I only rarely heard screaming, laughter and gunshots during those sleepless nights. I am also aware of Asian to White and so on differences. I have been friends with a Vietnamese fellow for years and I still don’t understand his thought processes, nor he mine.

Perhaps the biggest difference in philosophy out of EVERY SINGLE race of man is the concept of freedom. Christians seem to understand the ideas of Free in Christ, but they do not translate well outward to non-Christians. My Vietnamese friend does not know why I defy people who think they might have some hold over me, nor do I understand why he willingly allows things to burn out for a simple benefit he could take for himself with a pinch of effort. Simply, his view of freedom is not the same as my view of freedom, and part of that is his personality partially inherited by race as mine is.

Somewhere along the line, Christianity became inseparable from the culture of the Europeans, down to their inherent racial view of Freedom. In France/Germany/Italy/England it was early on, we’re talking 500-800 here, depending on the area. The Crusades could not happen in a society that even pretended to be secular or thought itself beholden to powers outside of Christ. Neither could the learning that Christian universities made possible without a wholehearted acceptance of the tenets of Christianity that promote learning and the freedom to study the natural world.

The Reformation was not a disagreement of what worldly things should or should not be accepted, but rather, was a statement that the Roman Catholic Church was too secular to see to the spiritual needs of the people. Heretics like Johann Tetzel, who sold the souls of men for mere gold on earth, did more direct harm to the Roman Catholic Church than the controversy of Pope and Anti-Pope decades earlier!

Indeed, 2 of the 95 Thesis are attributed against him. Luther is not my favorite Protestant, but I will not call him a heretic or much mistaken! From Infogalactic:

27. They preach only human doctrines who say that as soon as the money clinks into the money chest, the soul flies out of purgatory.
28. It is certain that when money clinks in the money chest, greed and avarice can be increased; but when the church intercedes, the result is in the hands of God alone.

While sources do say that certain parts of Tetzel’s work was acceptable to the Roman Catholic Church Doctrine (TM), the fact that Luther, who created a church that might as well be called Catholic Lite, attacked this directly should say something to the danger of his work! Corporate worship is not nor shall be corporate salvation! The European ancestors during the Reformation were not denying Christianity or God, but rather, the Church, which could no longer be counted on to care for their souls more than the lesser servants like Tetzel cared for money.


The Christian identity within Europe is such that it is a reasonable thing to say that when the Catholic homogeneity under the Catholic Church crumbled, so too did the Holy Roman Empire. It would not survive but as the pickings of other empires, eventually devoured by Prussia. If I serve the Bavarian Prince and he doesn’t believe as I do, then how can I trust that he values my freedom? But if I live in Bohemia and my Prince believes as I do, then I can trust that I will be free when it comes to me and Christ.

To take this to modernity, I have seen Christians more and more take the red pill. That term is a little old these days but it still has legs. Christians have a sixth sense for truth, if it is not dulled. I would think that if a man came boldly, crying the word of the Lord in truth and with power, Christians would flock, but would lack the fighting spirit. Easy living has bred the fight out of most Christians and by proxy, most Europeans. No one is willing to be ‘offensive’, but rather, seek to ease people into Christianity. Now, that method does earn converts.But does it enforce the soul against the depredations of the devil?

Are we the same sort of people who would go to war and die by the hundreds of thousands over the freedom of our own souls?! Not at all. I might be willing to dread naught the threats of joblessness and societal pariahship. I might be willing to risk much saying “I’ll pray for you and your daughter” When I am told of a little girl that is brought to STL for our superior hospitals and child care while I am on the job and may be fired for it. But are others, the normies? No, they are more concerned with culture than faith.

And I laugh, for it is not a risk at all. Shall not all suffering be repaid me? Shall I, who moves as fearlessly as I am capable of (and I am a man who is tempted not by men or money, but by the temptations of the heart which is more insidious than mere greed) if I am maimed, tortured, forsaken, loveless and a thousand other things, be remembered for each one by an unforgetting God? Yes, a thousand times yes. To die is gain. I am a freeman.

The Alt-Right does good work fighting for that freedom, but it will be all for naught if it is not God’s work. Like the black man and white woman couples I have seen, who seem to be in Christ rather than in the lusts of the flesh, the Alt-right will not have nearly the chance of success without Christ over coming all things. America worked, even when diverse in the 60s to the 90s, because all men worshiped God. Even the Asians who came to America in the 1860s had churches and missions they attended, if only to seem more like the whites whose nation they inhabited. And indeed, were the Aztecs not freed from the blood sacrifice in the tens of thousands that their gods demanded to keep the sun lit?

Indeed, the Satanic victories of Abortion, Globalism and Feminism were won because Christians were not fighting for the freedoms they had. Christians became unwilling to fight for their beliefs. They could not discern good from evil. Every man did what was right in his own eyes but they at least thought themselves Christians, and so did much parallel to what God wills, though they served Him in the same way a shotgun blast may hit a supposed intruder in the dark.

When evil came creeping with the modern world, with new tools, new attacks and new dreams that we did not have before, that new spiritual tools and arguments had to be reforged for an era of technology, television and  internet. And they have been. Sin won with Abortion because people could not reason as to the real cost and purpose. Sin won with Globalism when people did not have the tools to count the costs of free trade, diversity and movement. Sin won with Feminism when people were too gentle minded to understand authority or law that is made by God and not man. All these things must be 100% overturned before we can be called a Christian nation again. Before we can say we have a Christian foundation, rather.

The Christian foundation allowed Blacks to have greater life than they had ever before and gave them a morality better and freer than the thuggery and superstition of Chiefs and Shamans. It allowed Whites to forget our grudges and blood oaths and death love. It allowed Asians to be free of the thousand laws they bind themselves to from Castes to Confucianism. I am not a man to decry diversity, but I will say that war follows those who serve themselves and not Christ. If they do not have the Christian foundation and with it, Christian Freedom, Diversity+Proximity=War. Every. Single. Time.

A Christian foundation is more than just a political, ethnic or religious foundation. It is a foundation for world view, love, political motivations, heart, law, soul, monetary policy, aesthetic and freedom. Every single thing under the sun is under God’s purview. We do not serve ourselves, our blood or our people, we serve Christ. Nothing is outside of God’s will. As such, the only success the Alt-Right can hope for, is literally, if God Wills It. And, I think He does. Let us pray and give thanksgiving that there is a light in the long night. We are not Erich Zann fiddling at the window of the endless night, where laughter is heard in the background and souls dance in, but never dance out.

Deus Vult.


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