In Favor of Sex Robots for Loveless Marriages

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I’m going to be pretty clear, there’s no point to marriage outside companionship and sex. The sex thing is more to do with my religion than anything else.

None. Zip. Nada. Nope. I can’t think of a single reason to be married outside those two reasons. Now, you might ask, what about progeny? I can adopt, can’t I? I can go to a sperm bank and after I lie about my IQ and family medical history I’ll have like 20 kids or something. I don’t know how sperm banks work but I know my genetics will be passed along. I can also poke holes in a condom then leave a false name. Cynical as all hell but it’s just not a driving force any more.

(Don’t get me wrong, I want kids, but this assumes I’m unable to produce them through a marriage)

Lets take my religion out of the picture. Without being a Christian I’d be able to have sex with whatever I want without any world view countering my lust? That slut at the club? No problem man. Go for it. That nice girl you’re leading on? Hey bro, without morality, she’s fair game. (I consider any atheist/non-believer in a world system to basically be doing whatever they feel is comfortable, rather than actually have a morality. See: Every fat atheist)

So, like the Jap gentleman up top, rather than get a wife, who would take half or more of my stuff in the divorce or worse, lie that I beat her (and I have a reputation for anger) and send me to jail. I’m not arguing for MGTOW here, I’m just saying the brass tacks. That jap gentleman is damn lucky the woman isn’t divorcing him, even with Jap social norms accounted for. If I can accept having sex with a robot, a robot who is programmed to love me and respond to me favorably, isn’t that better than a cold woman?

Why should I slave for a woman who hates me and denies me what I need? Why should the Japanese gentleman? When he saw it and he wanted it. When he took that robot home, she threw a fit, but he persevered in some perverse hero’s tale, he got what he wanted. His wife wasn’t having sex with him, and I am willing to bet a damned lot that she was cold to him as well, not meeting his emotional needs.

Watch this video. I’m a single man. That looks NICE. It’s not real. It’s horribly utterly hideously not real. It’s not a real warm human being. But it looks real nice. Now combine that with a moving robot with a lube dispenser south of the border. If I can get that Waifu…

I won’t describe my waifu. It’s cringey. Every straight guy has the ideal woman, and I’m sure some gay ones too. But that ideal woman, if I could get her as a robot with no risk to myself… That sounds mighty good, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you want to have one for yourself? A guy version too. An ideal alpha male.

Ultimately, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Probably end up smashing the poor thing’s head in in a massive break of Truth vs. THE WORLD. “WHY CAN’T YOU CHOOSE TO LOVE ME!” I think. Then the broken voice box. “I… lvoe you spark spark lovelovelove I you love you….” so on. Tragic.

But not everyone is like me and the others who value truth. It is not within God’s plan to be unnatural in this way. I might feverishly desire love, and take actions to dull that need of mine, but I know that the choice to bury myself in a falsehood wouldn’t work. While I may strike out more than I hit, I’m redpilled and reject MGTOWism. I know what I want, and I’ll pursue it. I have a hope to get it some day.

But the Japanese business man… I wouldn’t be surprised if he survived a meeting with the Abyss. This is how it stared back. That the hunger every man has for woman and vice-versa, drove him to choose the lie over truth. He probably doesn’t know better, or is so far gone he doesn’t care. Woe betide him, for he is certainly not a Christian either.

His wife is where I lay the blame though. Otaku and NEETS may be beta enough that they don’t mind not having the real flesh and blood through deprivation from never knowing it. This gentleman knew it enough to produce one child. Then, nothing. Not even a son either. The name dies with him unless the son adopts the last name. What a weight to have on his shoulders. Couldn’t the woman produce more? Was there some action to take that could have prevented his choice of machine over flesh. A machine that will never betray him, and does what he wants, and doesn’t criticize his not getting a promotion… yes.

So he is driven to a choice because he couldn’t hold out. That woman drove him there through her coldness and cruelty. Surely, he begged her for affection or perhaps she rebuffed his embrace. Horrible. It’s like those bumper stickers those stupid and selfish Baby Boomers have on their cars. “I’m spending my kid’s inheritance!” Ugly! May God cause sorrow and woe on everyone, and if their children are virtuous, bless the next generation for being long suffering!

I wish that they resolve this. But I have no hope for it. The woman made her choice and the guy wasn’t able to handle it. Likely, he knows little to no game. Even a poor gamester like myself probably has more at my command than he did in his prime.

If I have to choose between the robot and the cold unaffectionate woman, I’m going to choose the robot. The robot who is happy to have sex whenever I want it AND never gives me lip about anything. Ah… but a warm, affectionate woman on the whole sounds real nice.



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